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On May 16th, Final Fantasy XI began it's 12th year of service. Due to the overwhelming popularity, Repeat Login Campaigns are continuing into Final Fantasy XI's 12th year of service. The Repeat Login Campaign No. 13 officially began on July 10th, featuring Cipher: S. Sibyl. Returning for this campaign are stones for Empyrean Armor +2 upgrades and Stronghold Invasion items. New in this campaign are the elusive Tarut Cards for the Sleepga II Questline!

The Twelfth Vana'versary Mog Bonanza marble winning numbers were announced on July 8th! Be sure to check your numbers!

The July version update has been released. This update includes new Hard Mode Mission Battlefields so you can face harder versions of the Shadow Lord and the Shikarees. Monster Rearing is now possible in your Mog Gardens! You can raise your own creatures with this new system. Red Mages have been shown some love with the new spells Haste II, Flurry, Frazzle and Distract! Lastly, the crafting system has become even more user friendly with the implementation of the Craft History function. You can now quickly repeat recent synthesis attempts as long as you have the required materials in your inventory.

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