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On May 16th, Final Fantasy XI began it's 12th year of service. Due to the overwhelming popularity, Repeat Login Campaigns are continuing into Final Fantasy XI's 12th year of service. The Repeat Login Campaign No. 14 officially began on August 10th, featuring Cipher: Uka. Other notable items include the Odious items used to spawn Dynamis NMs, Hakutaku Eyes, Woodworking and Smithing Kits used in the new kit synthesis, Sky God seals and finally avatar stones used to make the new gems for stat rings.

The August version update has been released. Beat the heat by diving headfirst into the sea of additional Seekers of Adoulin missions implemented with this update! However, if that alone doesn't quench your thirst for adventure, try getting wet and wild in the new alluvion skirmishes! The equipment set-switching feature should help you keep your cool in the field, whereas new slick and sleek weapons may just compel you to ice some enemies. Furthermore, you'll be able to sink deeper into the abyss of Ra'Kaznar with the unveiling of its Inner Court, or-if you prefer to stay afloat-splash around with Shadowreign alter egos. Let's not lose the various job adjustments and job point additions amidst this perfect storm of an update, either. There's something for every swashbuckler in this installment!

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September 8, 2014

September 5, 2014

September 4, 2014

September 3, 2014

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The remaining four Crafting Torques have been implemented into the game in the August Version Update! This includes Cooking, Clothcraft, Goldsmithing, and Woodworking. Head on over to the Crafting Torques page to see where you can score these priceless items!

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