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It is October and a new Repeat Login Campaign is upon us! The October Login Campaign officially began on October 10th, featuring Cipher: Karaha. Very spectacular, much wow, as you may now aquire the Cait Sith Guard and wear it with joy, wondrous excitement. Other notable items include the Plans items used to upgrade Salvage II items, Ares level 15, 25, and 35 pieces, Leathercraft and Bonecraft Kits 5-50 used in the new kit synthesis, Alluvion Skirmish items, and finally Rems Chapters used to make level 109 Reforged Artifact Armor and Reforged Relic Armor. Be sure to cash in by November 9th!

The spine-tingling October version update has risen from the grave and is now here to prowl. After years of Summoners crying out "GrAaAaaaaAA..aAaaaAgh", Atomos has finally been released! Some closure has been gained in the Wings of the Goddess story line with the new epilogue quest A Forbidden Reunion. However, for those seeking double double toil and trouble, new Avatar Prime Fights have been introduced! Too much discord for one sitting you say? Well with new quality of life adjustments even more Homepoints have been added as well as new map markers to treat players to finding those tricky spots. Finally, a Gobbiebag wouldn't be able to hold all the sweet job adjustments that came in the dead of night with the next hair-raising installment right around the corner!

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Did you know we have recently revamped Gobbie Mystery Box and Trust pages? See the growing list of what may happen when you take a spin of the dial and learn something new about one of your adventuring fellows.

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