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It is January and a new Repeat Login Campaign is upon us! The January Login Campaign officially began on January 10th, featuring Cipher: Areuhat and the return of Cipher: Lehko. This months new afro-based reward is a Sheep Cap to help you stay warm on these cold nights. Other notable items include the Plans items used to upgrade Salvage II items, Skadi level 15, 25, and 35 pieces, Clothcraft and Goldsmithing Kits 5-50 used in kit synthesis, Walk of Echoes weapon building items, the Expertise Ring, Empyrean Armor footwear, and finally Rems Chapters used to make level 109 Reforged Artifact Armor and Reforged Relic Armor. Be sure to cash in by February 9th!

The January update has landed! While it was not a large update there is some meat in the broth. Mainly the new Unity Wanted NMs that were added this update. Now you can enjoy more OPing on THF and new subligaria, or perhaps even being OP in subligaria! On the other side of the update there were long needed, and welcomed job updates to Puppetmaster which is sure to excite some. Exciting as that may be we will likely find these Puppetmasters alone doing the new quests added to Seekers of Adoulin areas and Records of Eminence objectives! On a more important note players may now equip two linkshells at once and target players in their chat log for quick tells. Exciting, right? Well at least we have a new subligar to cry into!

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Unity is a new battle system released in the recent November 10th update. Please visit the growing and developing Unity page for information on this new system. Don't be afraid to contribute! :D

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