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On May 16th, Final Fantasy XI began it's 12th year of service. Due to the overwhelming popularity, Repeat Login Campaigns are continuing into Final Fantasy XI's 12th year of service. The Repeat Login Campaign No. 15 officially began on September 10th, featuring Cipher: Kuyin and return of the one and only Cipher: Naja. Show off your fashion sense with the Morbol Cap and Cassie's Cap. Other notable items include the Plans items used to upgrade Salvage II items, Usukane level 15, 25, and 35 pieces, Clothcraft and Goldsmithing Kits used in the new kit synthesis, Alluvion Skirmish items, and finally Rems Chapters used to make level 109 Reforged Artifact Armor and Reforged Relic Armor.

The September version update has been released. Turn the page unto the next verse of additional Seekers of Adoulin missions implemented with this update! However, if that alone doesn't quench your thirst for adventure, try your hand at thrill seeking and spelunking in the deadly and dangerous Incursion! Not enough chaos for you? Well dive face first into the floor in the new surged Walk of Echoes Battlefields. Furthermore, as the leaves begin to turn take a turn of the dial with the new Gobbie Mystery Box adjustments and see the fantabulous items that are contained inside. With the new quality of life adjustments you will be able to kick back and relax with the time saved on seeking for locations with the additional markers to your town maps. Let's not lose sight of the various job adjustments, either. There's something for ever-wyvern in this installment!

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September 24, 2014

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The remaining four Crafting Torques have been implemented into the game in the August Version Update! This includes Cooking, Clothcraft, Goldsmithing, and Woodworking. Head on over to the Crafting Torques page to see where you can score these priceless items!

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