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It is December and a new Repeat Login Campaign is upon us! The December Login Campaign officially began on December 10th, featuring Cipher: Rughadjeen and the return of Cipher: Najelith. Ward off the coming frigid temperatures with your new Cait Sith Cap! Other notable items include the Plans items used to upgrade Salvage II items, Marduk level 15, 25, and 35 pieces, Smithing and Woodworking Kits 5-50 used in the new kit synthesis, Walk of Echoes weapon building items, the Expertise Ring, and finally Rems Chapters used to make level 109 Reforged Artifact Armor and Reforged Relic Armor. Be sure to cash in by January 9th!

Oho~ho~ho~ho the December update has thusly arrived. With new Unity fights you must survive. The winter adjustments do not end there. New Mog Garden adjustments for those of you alone in despair. As the snow is falling during this Starlight Celebration! You may now purchase a wide array of maps formerly only of quests from within the various nations. OHo~ho~ho~ho! Behold new job adjustments for which you need only seek. Rudra's Storms, weaponskill adjustments, and the havoc they wreak! During this Starlight season as you engorge on treats, enjoy time with your trusts in new accessible fights as you accomplish feats. Oho~ho~ho. Tis the season to indulge in the many varieties of beer. You are not just seeing things as the chat log may now be split to much cheer. But wait there is more for there are two new quests of lore. For hopefully this makes up for the new superior system equipment stats that all bore.

A joyous season to you all may you celebrate with delight. To all a wonderful and good night! Oho~ho~ho!~!

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Unity is a new battle system released in the recent November 10th update. Please visit the growing and developing Unity page for information on this new system. Don't be afraid to contribute! :D

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