Cloister of Tremors

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The Protocrystal of Erth glows brilliantly.
Map of Cloister of Tremors

This Zone is Connected to

Zone Name


Quicksand Caves

Zone Name


Eastern Altepa Desert


Type Battlefield Name Requirement Level Cap Time Limit Party Members
Quest The Puppet Master Earth Pendulum None 30 18
Quest Trial by Earth Tuning fork of earth None 30 6
Quest Trial-Size Trial by Earth Mini Fork of Earth|Mini Tuning Fork of Earth 20 15 1
Quest Waking the Beast Rainbow resonator None 30 18


  • Escape places players at (pos) of (zone).
  • Cloister of Tremors was added to FFXI with the Rise of the Zilart expansion pack activated on 4/15/03.
  • Goblin Footprint is located in the eastern tunnel on the way to the Earth Protocrystal.

Notable Landmarks

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