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9th Vana'versary Festivities on the Way!

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The 9th Annual Adventurer Appreciation Campaign Arrives! (05/11/2011)

The 9th Annual Adventurer Appreciation Campaign Arrives! (05/11/2011)

Only a paltry number of days remain until May 16, when we mark the 9th year since FINAL FANTASY XI launched and Vana'diel's golden age of adventure began.

The realm has prospered for so long thanks to all you heroic adventurers, and as a small token of our undying gratitude, we would like to announce the return of that longstanding Vana'diel institution--the Adventurer Appreciation Campaign--which commences today!

As always, the lovely nomad moogle Kupolette has fluttered in to furnish us with details of the event. Look! Her emphatic greeting is a testament to her enthusiasm for this tradition. What tidings will she bring to us this year?

Read on for Kupolette's ebullient explanation.

9th Anniversary Fan Art Contest Deadline Imminent! (04/25/2011)

9th Anniversary Fan Art Contest Deadline Imminent! (04/25/2011)

Be fairly warned: only two weeks remain until the submission period for the 9th Anniversary Fan Art Contest draws to a close. For those of you who have yet to submit a masterpiece, don't miss this opportunity to flex your creative muscles and be in the running for a very special in-game prize: the Chocobo Beret!

As in previous years, the winners will be hand-picked by the FINAL FANTASY XI team and honored in a Topics feature, with all entries to be showcased for the entire world to admire. We look forward to receiving inspired entries from all of you!

Submission deadline: May 8, 2011 (Sunday)

Fan Art Contest Submission Details
*Please read the terms of submission carefully, and be sure that your masterpiece is attached to your e-mail.

9th Vana'versary Festivities on the Way! (04/07/2011)

9th Vana'versary Festivities on the Way! (04/07/2011)

May 16, 2011 will mark a very special occasion--the ninth anniversary of FINAL FANTASY XI. We'll be celebrating this momentous day with a wide range of events to be held in both Vana'diel and the real world. Read on for a preview of just a few of the things you can look forward to!

Read on for the details.

The 9th Anniversary Fan Art Contest Approaches! (04/07/2011)

The 9th Anniversary Fan Art Contest Approaches! (04/07/2011)

FINAL FANTASY XI is set to enter its ninth year of service on May 16th, and what better way to celebrate the occasion than with the latest installment of the ever-popular Fan Art Contest?

In the past, this contest has proven to be a spectacular showcase for our most artistically-inclined players, and we expect this year to be no different. Be it a scene from one of your most memorable adventures, a montage of your travels throughout the years, or a joyous anniversary celebration among fast friends, we welcome any and all submissions paying tribute to the 9th Vana'versary theme.

Peruse all the details and get started on your masterpiece today!

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