A Fluttery Fiend

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A Fluttery Fiend
Required Fame Abyssea Fame Level: Unknown
Level Restriction: None
Starting NPC Reinhard, Buburimu Peninsula
Pack Abyssea
Title None
Repeatable No
Description The struggling folk of Abyssea - Attohwa have been living in constant fear of a dread wamoura. Must the survivors always cower in the shadow of this winged nightmare?
Previous Quest Next Quest
None None
Lunar/Ivory abyssite, see chart below.


This is part of a series of quests needed to progress in the Abyssea storyline. The reward that you receive varies depending on your progress in this storyline.

Quest progresss Reward
First quest Lunar abyssite
Second quest Ivory abyssite of fortune
Third quest Ivory abyssite of acumen
Fourth quest Ivory abyssite of the reaper
Fifth quest Ivory abyssite of perspicacity
Sixth quest Ivory abyssite of guerdon
Seventh quest Lunar abyssite
Eight quest Ivory abyssite of prosperity
Ninth quest Ivory abyssite of destiny

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