A Harrowing Harvest Reunion (10/12/2011)

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A Harrowing Harvest Reunion (10/12/2011)

A Harrowing Harvest Reunion (10/12/2011)

As gentle summer breezes give way to autumn chills and the leaves tumble from the trees, broods of baleful monsters descend in droves upon innocent townsfolk. Though valiant adventurers may drive these vile apparitions back whence they came, never can they seem to eternally exorcise the undead menace. Terror and trepidation return to plague the three kingdoms each year with an inevitability as grim as the ghouls' fearsome visages.

The MHMU promises hefty rewards for adventurers able to banish these creatures of the night, but will the potential prizes outweigh the peril...?
—The Vana'diel Tribune, Autumn Special Issue

Yes, the Harvest Festival is upon us, and scores of citizens will again transform themselves into monstrosities that will prowl the three kingdoms hungering for flesh! Together with the Wake of the Lilies, 'tis the season for spooks and scares galore.

Many are the adventurers who will take up the challenge of exorcising the vile Pyracmon, but these challengers' motivations are as varied as the number of daemons in Vana'diel's bestiary.

Read on for the tale of one young Tarutaru and his quest to appease the dear friend he estranged.

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