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A Malicious Manifest

From BG FFXI Wiki
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BCNM Information
Location: Castle Oztroja (S)
Entry Item: [[]] Level Restriction: no restriction
Time Limit: 30 minutes Participation: 18

Ree Habalo's Headgear
Damascene Cloth

Koschei Crackows
Brilliant Earring
Diverter's Ring

Blue Rock
Philosopher's Stone
Vile Elixir +1
Adaman Ore
Mahogany Log

Enemy Table

level Name Qty Type Behavior
75+ Tzee Xicu the Manifest 1 Yagudo SMN but no Avatar
70+ Tzee Xicu's Elemental 4 Elemental Wind Elementals

BCNM Strategy

  • Awards the Title: Ender of Idolatry
  • Tzee Xicu's Specials/Characteristics
    • Kamaitachi - AOE, Strong Knockback, Dispels all Buffs
    • Vorticose Sands - AOE, Strong Damage (looks like the Tornado AM animation)
    • Vorticose Sands may or may not have a silenced effect. Verification Needed
    • also uses Dark Invocation
    • Has a Greenish Aura that gives a short time Gravity effect.
    • Tzee Xicu does not appear to spawn any avatars.
    • Once dead, the wind elementals will not re-spawn.
    • Uses Astral Flow multiple times but if elementals are dead, they will not re-spawn nor will the Astral Flow have any noticeable effect
    • May have a partial hate reset move Verification Needed
  • Possible Strategy
    • Can kite along the top circular ramp area.
    • Come up along either side (as opposed to using the center ramps), there are ramps to the left and to the right on the ground level. This way, the kiting can start without having to initially run through Tzee Xicu and its elementals.
    • Seems to run at normal speed. Verification Needed
    • The kiting area has several places where the kiter can get stuck.

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