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A Nation on the Brink

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A Nation on the Brink
Series Wings of the Goddess
Starting NPC Batallia Downs (S)
Title Battle of Jeuno Veteran
Repeatable No
Description Despite Lilisette's repeated protests and the imminent arrival of reinforcements from the three nations, the surrender ceremony is set to take place in the depths of Jeuno's underground. Will this be the end of the four-nation
Previous Mission Next Mission
Borne by the Wind Crossroads of Time
Jeunoan Flag


  • Examine the Underpass Hatch in Batallia Downs (S) at (J-9) for a cutscene. Examine it again to enter BC.
  • You will be assisted by 9 NPCs: Rongelouts N Distaud, Zazarg, Romaa Mihgo, Iron Ram Knights x2, 7th Cohors Legionnaires x2, Cobra Mercenaries x2.
    • The NPCs will split up into groups according to their allegiance and will run to find two waves of mobs:
      • Zazarg and the 7th Cohors Legionnaires will fight a wave consisting of a Ruby Quadav and 4 Nickel Quadavs. Once they are defeated, they will run in further to find a second wave consisting of 2 Ruby Quadavs and 3 Nickel Quadavs.
      • Rongelouts N Distaud and the Iron Ram Knights will fight a wave consisting of an Orcish Hexspinner and 4 Orcish Gladiators. Once they are defeated, they will run forward to find a second wave consisting of 2 Orcish Hexspinners and 3 Orcish Gladiators.
      • Romaa Mihgo and the Cobra Mercenaries will fight a wave consisting of a Yagudo Abbot and 4 Yagudo Missionaries. Once defeated, they will run forward to find a second wave consisting of 2 Yagudo Abbots and 3 Yagudo Missionaries.
    • Once two of the waves of the same type of beastmen are defeated, One-eyed Gwajboj will spawn, and the remaining NPCs will run to fight him.
      • One-eyed Gwajboj is a Paladin-type mob, and as such, does Paladiny type things, like cure himself and cast Protect IV and Shell III. He also loves to spam Battle Dance.
  • Once One-eyed Gwajboj is defeated, you will be treated to a cutscene, and receive your reward.


  • During the BC fight, you will have to cure the NPCs to clear out the mobs. People have reported wins with NPCs defeated, even the leaders; but how many, if any, need to survive in order to win the BC is currently unknown.

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