A Shantotto Ascension Mission 10

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Battaru Royale
Series None
Starting NPC Full Moon Fountain
Title None
Repeatable No
Description Mission Orders: Determined to enact her odious plot to conquer all of Vana'diel, Domina Shantotto has unleashed her army of clones upon you. Defeat them all lest you and your companions be reduced to bones!
Previous Mission Next Mission
Fountain of Trouble Romancing the Clone
Chocobo key


  • After the initial cutscene from the Moon Spiral, click it again while possessing at least one elemental sap key item to receive the option to enter the battlefield entitled Battaru Royale.
  • The battle is against eight Tarutaru fomor mobs, one for each element. (Clone of Boulders, Clone of Torrents, Clone of Gusts, Clone of Flames, Clone of Glaciers, Clone of Sparks, Clone of Lights, Clone of Shadows)
    • Each fomor will cast elemental and enfeebling spells of his/her corresponding element.
    • Each fomor will summon an avatar of his/her corresponding element when he/she reaches about half HP, and the avatar will use its associated Astral Flow ability before despawing.
    • The fomors have access to all their usual TP abilities.
  • Successfully completing the battle will result in the awarding of a Chocobo key, which can be redeemed at the Treasure Coffer in Tenshodo Headquarters in Lower Jeuno.

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