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A Thief in Norg!?

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A Thief in Norg!?
Required Fame
Starting NPC Gilgamesh - Norg (L-8)
Pack Rise of the Zilart
Title Paragon of Samurai Excellence
Repeatable Yes
Description At the close of the Great War, Gilgamesh's father trapped a terrible spirit within a helm. That helm has been stolen, and it is your job to hunt down the thief and get it back.
Previous Quest Next Quest
Yomi Okuri None
Samurai level 50+


  • After completing Yomi Okuri you need to exit Norg and reenter.
  • Speak with Jaucribaix in Norg (K-8).
  • Speak to Sanosuke in Port Jeuno (H-8). (Inside the Duty Free Shop.)
  • Speak to Phoochuchu in Mhaura (H-8).
  • Examine the door on the lower level in Bastok Mines (J-6). (Close to the Alchemy Guild.)
  • Enter the Waughroon Shrine through the Palborough Mines top floor.
  • Speak to Jaucribaix in Norg to receive a Banishing Charm.
  • Trade the Banishing Charm to the Burning Circle in to begin a BC fight.
    • Inside the BC there will be three Demons: Rasetsu (DRK), Gaki (BLM), and Onki (SMN).
    • Onki will have an elemental summon, and all three demons are able to use their respective two-hour abilities.
    • There is a 30 minute time limit.
  • After defeating the demons, you will receive the key item Charred helm.
  • Speak to Jaucribaix, he will request a Gold Thread.
  • Trade a Gold Thread to Jaucribaix.
  • Wait one earth minute, change zones, and speak to Jaucribaix for your reward.