A Thirst for the Eons

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A Thirst for the Eons.jpg
A Thirst for the Eons
Required Fame Adoulin Fame Level: Unknown
Level Restriction: None
Starting NPC Roskin (Near Caf['e] des Larmes, Eastern Adoulin)
Pack Seekers of Adoulin
Title None
Repeatable No
Description Search Adoulin's bifurcated districts
and beyond to find clues pertaining to
what engendered the Great Expedition.
The riches you'll receive for
this classified mission may just
amount to more than you could ever
Previous Quest Next Quest
A Thirst for the Ages A Thirst for Eternity
2000 Exp and 1000 Bayld, 5000 Bayld, 10,000 Bayld


  • Wait one game day and return to Roskin, he will reward you with another 5000 bayld for perfect report or 2 bayld for one with mistakes.
    • Zoning is required.


  • At Rala Waterways (N-10) there is a blank spot. Checking the blank spot presents a question: "What entity keeps the Sacred City safe?". Typing "ERGISADE", in all capital letters will reward the player with 10,000 bayld. At the time this quest was released it is unknown what Ergisade was. See the Discussion page for notes on how this puzzle was solved.

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