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Absolute Virtue (meme)

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Absolute Virtue is a monster that can appear randomly after Jailer of Love has been defeated. It is regarded very tough and all of it's previous kills have been through glitches or illegal methods. However, there is a secret way to defeat AV. Actually, many secret ways. Unfortunately, once a player has passed Promathia Mission 8-1, he is unable to see how to defeat AV. This is why experienced players should listen to players who have no experience what-so-ever.

It is believed to defeat AV, you have to lock out his ability to use any 2hr, very potent spells, his very potent regen, and powerful weapon skills. Those players with no experience have listed the methods to lock such powerful traits:

  • Ebon Panels
  • Face the direction aligned with the element of the day.
  • Do a weapon skill with the virtue weapons.
  • Do a skillchain with the virtue weapons.
  • Do a skillchain with the sin weapons.
  • Do a skillchain with a virtue weapon and a sin weapon.
  • Do a barrelroll with a virtue weapon.
  • Do a little dance and make a little love with a virtue weapon.
  • Touch an Ebon Panel with a virtue weapon.
  • Feel the emotion of the virtue weapon that you curently have equipped. This is done by plugging in an audio device and talking into it. For example, if you had the weapon Justice Sword equipped you would say "I feel very justice."
  • Tap your JP Button with a virtue weapon.
  • Trade your virtue weapon to the Jailer of Hope's ???.
  • Trust your virtue weapon.
  • Be your virtue weapon.
  • Believe in the heart of the cards.
  • Summon Dialga to use Roar of Times.
  • Face the direction aligned with the element of your virtue weapon. For HQ results, face the opposite direction.
  • All of the above, simultaneously.
  • Have every kclub DRK transfer to Remora to summon Captain Planet.
  • Throw Sage Sundi at it.
  • Do the hokey pokey and turn yourself around.
  • Kite it around the teleporters.
  • Bring a phalanx of stunners.

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