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Abyssea - Attohwa

From BG FFXI Wiki
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Abyssea - Attohwa header.jpg
Map of Abyssea - Attohwa

Connected Zone Abyssea - Attohwa Arrives at
Buburimu Peninsula G-10 Abyssea - Attohwa-Map.jpg F-7 Buburimu Peninsula-map.jpg

Maps for Abyssea - Attohwa


Name Map Pos. Notes
Akta (A) 1
Alrauverat (A) 1
Atma Fabricant (Attohwa) 1
Atma Infusionist (Attohwa) 1
Bastion Prefect (Attohwa) 1
Brutus (A) 1
Chapi Galepilai (A) 1
Chocobo Tamer (Attohwa) 1
Colti (A) 1
Conflux Surveyor (Attohwa) 1
Cruor Prospector (Attohwa) 1
Gabriele (A) 1
Garnev (A) 1
Gottah Maporushanoh (A) 1
Gurdern (A) 1
Harith (A) 1
High Wind (A) 1 Goal Tracker
Name Map Pos. Notes
Jakaka (A) 1
Leepe-Hoppe (A) 1
Machine Outfitter (Attohwa) 1
Mendi (A) 1
Mojuro-Nojuro (A) 1
Monberaux (A) 1
Morlepiche (A) 1
Naruru (A) 1
Navisse (A) 1
Panta-Putta (A) 1
Ponono (A) 1
Rainhard (A) 1
Red Ghost (A) 1
Resistance Sapper (Attohwa) 1
Soni-Muni (A) 1
Tsugumi (A) 1
Yoran-Oran (A) 1

Notorious Monsters

Name Level Position Spawn Condition Aggro Notable Drops
Aggressor Antlion E-7/8 10-15 minute respawn. True Sound
Amun H/I-8/9 10-15 minute respawn. True Sound
Berstuk G-9 Trade Extended Eyestalk to ???.
Blazing Eruca J-10 Trade Eruca Egg to ???.
Drekavac G-7 Trade Wailing Rags to ???.
Gaizkin H-8/9 Trade Undying Ooze to ???.
Gieremund F-6 10-15 minute respawn. True Sound
Granite Borer K-10 Trade Withered Cocoon to ???.
Ironclad Cleaver G-9 10-15 minute respawn. True Sound
Itzpapalotl K-10 Examine ??? with Venomous wamoura feeler, Bulbous crawler cocoon, and Distended chigoe abdomen.
Kampe F-10 Trade Gory Pincer to ???.
Kharon F-7 Trade Bone Chips to ???.
Maahes J-9 Trade Coeurl Round to ???.
Mielikki K-8 Trade Great Root to ???.
Nightshade K-8 Trade Withered Bud to ???.
Pallid Percy J-7 Trade Blanched Silver to ???.
Svarbhanu E-9 Trade Cracked Dragonscale to ???.
Smok E-9 Examine ??? with Hollow dragon eye.
Tejas Roaming Timed.
Titlacauan F-7 Examine ??? with Blotched doomed tongue, Cracked skeleton clavicle, Writhing ghost finger, and Rusted hound collar.
Tunga K-9/10 10-15 minute respawn. True Sight, True Sound
Ulhuadshi J-7 Examine ??? with Mucid worm segment and Shriveled hecteyes stalk.
Warbler E-7 10-15 minute respawn. True Sight, True Sound
Wherwetrice I-8 Trade Mangled Cockatrice Skin to ???.
Whiro K-8/9 10-15 minute respawn.
Yaanei J-8/9 Free respawn True Sight
At'euvhi Roaming Resting nearby with a Clear demilune abyssite
Es'euvhi Roaming Resting nearby with a Colorful demilune abyssite
Lusca Roaming Resting nearby with a Jade demilune abyssite

Normal Monsters

Name Family Job Min Level Max Level Detection A L Number Type App.
Amuckatrice Cockatrice ~80 95 Sight Y N 12
Chasm Coeurl Coeurl ~80 95 Sight Y N 17
Chasm Gnat Gnat ~80 95 Sight, Sound Y N 14
Crevice Amoeban Amoeban ~80 95 Magic Y N 30
Decayed Flesh Doomed ~80 95 Sound, HP Y N 9
Defile Scorpion Scorpion ~80 95 Sound Y N 13
Entozoon Worm ~80 95 Sound N Y 40
Ephemeral Amoeban Amoeban ~80 95 Magic Y N 12
Ephemeral Murex Murex ~80 95 Abilities Y N 11
Funnel Antlion Antlion ~80 95 Sound Y N 16
Gullycampa Wamouracampa ~80 95 Sight N Y 16
Hannequet Mandragora ~80 95 Sound Y Y 28
Ignis Eruca Crawler ~80 95 Sound Y Y 14
Inugami Hound ~80 95 Sound, HP Y N 17
Murrain Chigoe Chigoe ~80 95 Sight, Sound Y N 23
Myriadeyes Hecteyes ~80 95 Sound Y N 18
Rift Dragon Dragon ~80 95 Sound Y N 7
Rift Treant Treant ~80 95 Sound Y N 8
Rock Murex Murex ~80 95 Abilities Y N 25
Schnitter Skeleton WAR ~80 95 Sound, HP Y N 17
Spuk Ghost ~80 95 Sound, HP Y N 14
Sturdy Pyxis Mimic ~80 95 N N 4
Terminus Eft Eft ~80 95 Sound N Y 19
Treacle Slug Slug ~80 95 Sound Y N 11
Custodian 2 Bastion
Decontaminator 2 Bastion
Disassembler 3 Bastion
Earth Mover 2 Bastion
Edifier 3 Bastion
Immobilizer 3 Bastion
Oppressor 3 Bastion
Overseer 3 Bastion
Ravager Chariot 2 Bastion
Scrutinizer 6 Bastion
Surveyor 6 Bastion
Vigilant Gear 2 Bastion
Vigilant Gears 2 Bastion
Appearance Key

D = Dusk (18:00-6:00), N = Night (20:00 - 4:00), F = Fog, Fire-Icon.png Ice-Icon.png Wind-Icon.png Earth-Icon.png Lightning-Icon.png Water-Icon.png Light-Icon.png Dark-Icon.png = Corresponding weather pattern

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