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Abyssea - Misareaux

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A view of the Sea of Zafmlug- the perpetually crimson sky appears to be bleeding into the formerly vibrantly blue waters.
Map of Abyssea - Misareaux

Connected Zone Abyssea - Misareaux Arrives at
Valkurm Dunes K-7 Abyssea - Misareaux-Map.jpg I-9 Valkurm Dunes.jpg

Maps for Abyssea - Misareaux


Name Map Pos. Notes
Amar (A) 1
Anguysh (A) 1
Atma Fabricant (Misareaux) 1
Atma Infusionist (Misareaux) 1
Bastion Prefect (Misareaux) 1
Bibokk-Molbukk (A) 1
Big Harvest (A) 1
Chocobo Tamer (Misareaux) 1
Conflux Surveyor (Misareaux) 1
Cruor Prospector (Misareaux) 1
Fariel (A) 1
Ferghus (A) 1
Geuselibel (A) 1
Goraow (A) 1
Guda (A) 1
Hans (A) 1
Hungry Wolf (A) 1
Iron Eater (A) 1
Izabele (A) 1
Name Map Pos. Notes
Jonette (A) 1
Kurando (A) 1
Lame Deer (A) 1
Leporaitceau (A) 1
Machine Outfitter (Misareaux) 1
Masis (A) 1
Mathurin (A) 1
Mengrenaux (A) 1
Nicadio (A) 1 Goal Tracker
Ondieulix (A) 1
Panta-Putta (A) 1
Quasim (A) 1
Resistance Sapper (Misareaux) 1
Resistance Sergeant (Misareaux) 1
Sieglinde (A) 1
Tancredi (A) 1
Veit (A) 1
Yasuji (A) 1
Yurim (A) 1
Zadant (A) 1

Notorious Monsters

Name Level Position Spawn Condition Aggro Notable Drops
Abyssic Cluster E-7 10-15 minute respawn. True Sight, Magic
Amhuluk G-9 Examine ??? with Jagged apkallu beak, Clipped bird wing, and Bloodied bat fur.
Asanbosam G-8/9 10-15 minute respawn. True Sound
Athamas I-7 10-15 minute respawn. True Sound
Avalerion G-8 Trade Mocking Beak to ???.
Cep-Kamuy F-4/5 Trade Orobon Cheekmeat to ???.
Cirein-croin G/H-5 Examine ??? with Glistening orobon liver and Doffed Poroggo hat.
Flame Skimmer G-5/6 10-15 minute respawn. True Sound
Funereal Apkallu H-7 Trade Apkallu Down to ???.
Gukumatz J-11 10-15 minute respawn. True Sight
Heqet I-6 10-15 minute respawn. True Sound
Ironclad Observer F-8 Trade Spheroid Plate to ???.
Ironclad Pulverizer F-7/8 Examine ??? with Scalding ironclad spike and Blazing cluster soul.
Ironclad Severer D-6 10-15 minute respawn. True Sound
Jala Roaming Timed
Karkatakam H/I-5 Trade High-Quality Crab Meat and High-Quality Rock Salt to ???.
Kutharei G-10/11 Timed free spawn True Sight
Manohra H-9 Trade Avian Remex to ???.
Minax Bugard J/K-11 Trade Bewitching Tusk to ???.
Nehebkau I-11 Trade Hardened Raptor Skin to ???.
Nonno L-12 Trade Worm-Eaten Bud to ???.
Npfundlwa J-8 Trade Black Rabbit Tail to ???.
Sirrush I-12 Trade Molt Scraps to ???.
Sobek J-12 Examine ??? with Bloodstained bugard fang, Gnarled lizard nail, and Molted peiste skin.
Tuskertrap G-4 Trade Spotted Flyfrond to ???.
Mi'ghrah Roaming Resting nearby with a Clear demilune abyssite
Mx'ghrah Roaming Resting nearby with a Colorful demilune abyssite
Tristitia Roaming Resting nearby with a Sapphire demilune abyssite

Normal Monsters

Name Family Job Min Level Max Level Detection A L Number Type App.
Abyssobugard Bugard ~80 95 Sound Y N 21
Ancient Orobon Orobon ~80 95 Sound Y N 15
Atrociraptor Raptor ~80 95 Sound Y N 27
Boartrap Flytrap ~80 95 Sound N N 17
Buzzfly Fly ~80 95 Sound Y Y 21
Coastal Colibri Colibri ~80 95 Sight N Y 23
Dusk Lizard Hill Lizard ~80 95 Sight N Y 21
Dynamo Cluster Cluster ~80 95 Sight, Magic Y N 19
Ephemeral Amoeban Amoeban ~80 95 Magic Y N 12
Ephemeral Murex Murex ~80 95 Abilities Y N 11
Escarp Murex Murex ~80 95 Abilities Y N 38
Frigatebird Lesser Bird ~80 95 Sight N Y 22
Gasher Crab ~80 95 Sound Y N 16
Gore Bats Flock Bat ~80 95 Sound Y Y 23
Limestone Hare Rabbit ~80 95 Sight N N 17
Maritime Peiste Peiste ~80 95 Sight Y N 21
Observer Detector ~80 95 Sound, Magic Y N 22
Orapodium Mandragora ~80 95 Sound N Y 25
Overking Apkallu Apkallu ~80 95 Sight N Y 23
Protoamoeban Amoeban ~80 95 Magic Y N 38
Shore Spider Spider ~80 95 Sound N Y 15
Slasher Crab ~80 95 Sound Y N 20
Squib Frog ~80 95 Sight N Y 21
Sturdy Pyxis Mimic 4
Brine Crab Crab Sound Y N 5 Fished Up
Crabtrap Flytrap Sound Y N 5 Fished Up
Custodian 2 Bastion
Decontaminator 2 Bastion
Disassembler 3 Bastion
Earth Mover 2 Bastion
Edifier 3 Bastion
Immobilizer 3 Bastion
Oppressor 3 Bastion
Overseer 3 Bastion
Ravager Chariot 2 Bastion
Scrutinizer 6 Bastion
Surveyor 6 Bastion
Vigilant Gear 2 Bastion
Vigilant Gears 2 Bastion
Appearance Key

D = Dusk (18:00-6:00), N = Night (20:00 - 4:00), F = Fog, Fire-Icon.png Ice-Icon.png Wind-Icon.png Earth-Icon.png Lightning-Icon.png Water-Icon.png Light-Icon.png Dark-Icon.png = Corresponding weather pattern

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