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Abyssite can refer to one of four types of key item.

The word was first used for the key items used to spawn monsters in the Voidwalker NM (aka "VNM") system. Players begin with a clear abyssite and fight monsters to have a random chance of improving the quality of the abyssite.

The term Abyssite was used again to describe key items that players acquired from Notorious Monsters and purchased with Cruor in Abyssea. These Abyssites provide beneficial effects that are always active on players while they are in Abyssea. (Some, such as the abyssites of avarice and celerity affect Traverser stones outside of Abyssea.)

A type of Abyssite similar to the version for VNMs is also used in Abyssea. This type of Abyssite has the term "demilune" in the name, and is used to spawn Notorious Monsters in Abyssea.

The fourth type of Abyssite is used in Voidwatch. The "stratum" Abyssites are used in Voidwatch Ops to spawn monsters. Unlike other forms of Abyssites that are used to spawn Notorious Monsters, stratum abyssites have a forced growth system- stratum abyssites upgrade after certain Notorious Monsters are defeated, then are examined by an Atmacite Refiner.

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