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Adamantoise (MON)

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Species Main Sub Unlocked From

Species notes

Traits Monsterskills
Traits Monsterskills


Name Lv. TP CT Yalms Area Targets Description
Head Butt 01 100 Deals physical damage. Additional effects: Knockback, Accuracy Down.
Tortoise Stomp 10 100 Deals physical damage. Additional effect: Defense Down.
Harden Shell 20 100 Enhances defense.
Tortoise Song 30 150 Removes all beneficial song and phantom roll effects from enemies around the caster.
Earth Breath 40 120 Deals earth damage within a fan-shaped area originating from caster.
Aqua Breath 50 120 Deals water damage to enemies within a fan-shaped area originating from caster.
Testudo Tremor Deals earth damage to enemies around the caster. Additional effects: Heavy, Stun.

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