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Additional Effect

From BG FFXI Wiki
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Additional effects are effects that are added to normal weapon hits through spells, abilities, or items. Such examples are Enaero, Flame Sword, and Blood Weapon.

  • Additional effects do not stack with each other. You can only have one effect on each hit.
  • Different effects have different proc rates. Enspells and a few items like Sirocco Kukri have a 100% proc rate.
  • Effects such as Souleater and Sneak Attack are NOT additional effects. They factor into the normal hit damage.
  • Additional effects do not proc on Weapon Skills or abilities such as Weapon Bash.
  • Additional Effects have a base proc rate that varies from 1% (like Twilight Scythe) to 100% (like Perfervid Sword).
  • Additional Effect procs are generally affected by a Magic Hit Rate calculation, but how the Resists manifest can vary like with magic spells.
    • Status effects can have their duration modified or can be entirely resisted.
    • Damage typically is subject to the normal 1~1/8 Resist distribution.
    • Some additional effects (like Excalibur's effect) cannot be resisted.

Example - Low Proc rate, high Magic Hit Rate:

Say you throw a Jinx Discus, which natively has a low proc rate (12.5%). Assuming your magic hit rate is capped out, you probably have a 95% chance of landing the additional effect (if it chooses to proc). So overall you have about a 12% proc rate, despite having capped Magic Hit Rate.

Example - High Proc rate, low Magic Hit Rate:

Say you swing Perfervid Sword, which has a 100% proc rate, against a very magically evasive target. Much of the time you are going to hit for low (1/8) damage, because the target is so evasive.

Example - Low Proc rate, low Magic Hit Rate:

Say you swing Twilight Scythe, which has a 1% proc rate, against a very magically evasive target. Assuming the monster isn't immune to death, which it might be, you are still probably never going to get a death proc because you're multiplying 1% by 1% (or so).

Unsolved Mystery

How exactly the proc rate and magnitude of the effect is calculated for different additional effects? Are they simply level based or are there stats that effect them? Where does Magic Accuracy help?

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