Adelheid Sturm

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Adelheid Sturm.jpg
Location: Bastok Markets (S) - (H-7)
Type: Shadowreign NPCs
Description: Chief of Staff Captain of the Second Division Scouts.

Combat Observations


  • In Combat" "A good soldier always comes prepared. Hehehehe!"
  • Out Of Combat: "...Heavy infantry, five columns of 200... Two 100-knight regiments... Enemy force casualties estimated at 5,000... Oh, I apologize, soldier. I've spent the past few nights preparing for a joint operation with San d'Oria's Royal Knights."

Additional Information

  • In Game Description: "Adelheid Sturm--a shrewd strategist, the Operations Division chief of staff is well versed in teachings of Schultz martial theory and employs efficient tactics when gathering intelligence on the enemy.

Trust Magic

Adelheid Trust.jpg

Cure I - IV, Helices, Single-target elemental nukes I - V, Stun


Dark Arts

Weapon Skills

Blinding MicrotubeDistortion SC Icon.png, Paralyzing Microtube, Silencing Microtube, Twirling Dervish (AOE)Fusion SC Icon.png

Special Features

Adelheid always uses elemental spells matching the element off the day: she starts by buffing herself with the according -storm, followed by the fitting -helix and finishes with the elemental nuke.
If she participates in a skillchain, she tries to magic burst a fitting -helix.
Despite using Dark Arts, her healing potency/cost/cast times do not appear to suffer any detrimental effects.

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