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Adjunct Expedition 3 (Batallia)

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Adjunct Expedition #3 (Batallia)
 Entry Zone: Batallia Downs: Wotark, (J-8)
 Adjunct Expeditions: #1 · #2 · #3 · #4 · #5
 Area Map: Everbloom Hollow, Map # 18
 Course: Adjunct
 Objective: Vanquish enemies consecutively without being detected.
 Expedition Goals: 1:  Vanquish 5 enemies in a row without being detected.
2:  Vanquish 10 enemies in a row without being detected.
3:  Vanquish 15 enemies in a row without being detected.
 Time Limit:  15 minutes
 Research Marks:

Goal 1:

  • 3 members: 900
  • 4 members: 1080
  • 5 members: 1260
  • 6 members: 1440

Goal 2:

  • 3 members: 1700
  • 4 members: 2040
  • 5 members: 2380
  • 6 members: 2720

Goal 3:

  • 3 members: 2333
  • 4 members: 2880
  • 5 members: 3360
  • 6 members: 3840
 Buff Rewarded:  Increased DEX/AGI:
  • ★☆☆: DEX/AGI+10
  • ★★☆: DEX/AGI+30
  • ★★★: DEX/AGI+60


Name Level Aggro Link Spawns
Grotto Panopt 95 True Sight Yes 15


Meeb adj3bat.jpg
  • Throughout the area, Grotto Panopt are present in groups of three or four. To accomplish goal 3, the group must pull and defeat 15 consecutive Grotto Panopts without aggroing or linking. An aggro or link will reset the completion target to 0.
    • Any type of AoE spell (including Manifestation) that hits multiple targets simultaneously does NOT count as linking.
    • Because Grotto Panopt can cast several spells with longer casting times, it is advisable to pull them either from maximum ranged attack range or with Silence to prevent them from casting, which would leave them stationary for a short time making links more likely.
      • Note that Panopts also occasionally "plant" themselves into the ground while passive in which case they will have to perform an animation before moving. They may be non-aggressive in this state Verification Needed.
    • Grotto Panopt are aggressive to and link by sight, so they can be pulled even if they are very close to each other as long as the additional monsters are not facing the pulled monster.
  • If someone is detected, the consecutive defeat chain will be reset (there are exactly 15 monsters present but they do respawn on a five minute timer).


Expedition Map

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