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Adjunct Expedition 3 (Sauromugue)

From BG FFXI Wiki
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Adjunct Expedition #3 (Sauromugue)
 Entry Zone: Sauromugue Champaign: Vrednev, (J-7)
 Adjunct Expeditions: #1 · #2 · #3 · #4 · #5
 Area Map: Ghoyu's Reverie, Map # 15
 Course: Adjunct
 Objective: Defeat monsters.
 Expedition Goals: 1:  Examine 2 ??? targets.
2:  Examine 3 ??? targets.
3:  Examine 4 ??? without being detected.
 Time Limit:  15 minutes
 Research Marks:

Goal 1:

  • 3 members: 666
  • 4 members: 800
  • 5 members: 932
  • 6 members: 1065

Goal 2:

  • 3 members: 1500
  • 4 members: 1800
  • 5 members: 2100
  • 6 members: 2400

Goal 3:

  • 3 members: 2000
  • 4 members: 2400
  • 5 members: 2800
  • 6 members: 3200
 Buff Rewarded:  Increased DEX/AGI:
  • ★☆☆: DEX/AGI+10
  • ★★☆: DEX/AGI+30
  • ★★★: DEX/AGI+60


Level Name Aggro Link Drops Steal Spawns
99 Peckish Cockatrice True Sight Yes None 16
103 Rambunctious Meeble No Yes None 3


Meeb adj3.jpg
  • ??? spots will randomly appear in four of eight possible locations in the area (at the ends of tunnels around the perimeter of the area, see map); aggressive monsters must be passed to reach all of them.
  • All cockatrice are true sight aggressive; if any aggro or link, goal 3 will be failed (a message will be displayed that says "Your foes have discovered [Player Name]!").
    • Note that if an offensive action is performed against an aggressive monster before you are aggroed, you may then kill that monster without failing goal 3.
  • Only one player needs to click each ??? to "activate" it (a notification message will be displayed when a new ??? is clicked).
  • Within the area, there are multiple cliffs and ramps which significantly restrict access to certain parts of the area, especially the far north and southwest tunnels.


Assault Map

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