Adventurer Appreciation Campaign 2008

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Well, it's that time of year again, kupo! As you connected adventurers with the inside scoop may well have already heard, the annual Adventurer Appreciation Campaign is nigh! Nigh, kupo!

As we moogles are wont to do, we've gone and whipped up a lil' something special to show our undying gratitude. You get three guesses, and the first two don't count, kupo! Well, you'll just have to visit my moogle brethren in the three nations once the campaign starts and see for yourself. And for you more curious souls out there, we'll once again have all of the pertinent personal particulars prepared for your perusal, kupo!

Not to mention that we're ridiculously inundated with fan mail! That's right, kupo! People from all across Vana'diel who helped in the planning and management of this year's campaign logistics have been sending in letters like it's going out of style! We've received an outpouring of written requests, some challenges, a few bills... even a love letter or two! Just look at all these paper cuts on my paws. I'm in pain here, kupo!

Unfortunately, we'd be here until the end of days if we wanted to give them all a full reading, kupo. So you'll just have to leave it to my otherworldly moogle discretion to select some of the most dramatic letters from amongst our more distinguished and upstanding admirers. Here we go, kupo!

Ah, here's a dandy. From the prestigious Halver M Borel of San d'Oria, kupo!

Most respected adventurers of the kingdom, His Majesty the King wishes to make known to you his recognition and profound thanks on behalf of the kingdom for your continued heroism in the name of, and allegiance to, the kingdom. By your noble efforts, our glorious kingdom shall come to...

Wow! Easy on the formality, kupo! I'm sure that's just standard protocol.
Ummm, let's see what else we have here... Ah-ha, here's a ditty from President Karst of Bastok himself, kupo!

On behalf of the free peoples of Bastok, to our dear and noble adventurers.
Though our roads are not yet safe enough to accommodate common travelers, unreasonable detours are no longer required.
Though lurking dangers still inhibit unbridled progress in the lower realms of our mines, there are notably fewer beastman trespassers.
And though our auction house is...

Amazing! Such criticism and suggestion wrapped in compliment... A true politician, kupo!

Awww, don't let that last one get to you, kupo. President Karst didn't get to where he is today by being a softie! Look here! One from the head lady-in-waiting, Zubaba, kupo! No doubt she carries words of praise straight from the Star Sibyl herself!

Another outstanding year, adventurers! You are paragons of excellence, all! You are our moral compasses! We would be lost without you!

See? See, kupo? What did I tell you?

Were those the types of compliments you were fishing for, hm!? Naïve adventurers! Your work is far from done. A new year of trials awaits. Go bravely, for the Star Sibyl!

Oh... Well, we've also got some here from the common populace, bless their hearts, kupo.
Here's one from President Naja! And take a gander at this golden leaf stationary! No doubt she shelled out a pretty gil for this, kupo!

Salaheem's Sentinels! The foremost privately owned and operated military organization in Aht Urhgan, with a proud tradition of exploiting the most capable of mercenaries and most ill-obtained of intel to defend our glorious Empire. Now seeking dedicated and submissive recruits for...

How did this one get in here, kupo...?

Oh, never mind with the letters, kupo!
If you'd humor me, I'd like to just say a little something on behalf of us moogles.

(Cough, hack...) Ahem, kupo!

It is not often when we find ourselves blessed with such an opportunity, kupo.
An opportunity to express our immense gratitude and thanks for the valiant efforts of all the world's adventurers, who battle and toil tirelessly for the sake of Vana'diel's future legacy.
From our heart of hearts, and for all of time, we thank you, kupopopo!!!

We hope you will continue your journeys and aspire to even greater heights and wonders.
May glory and prosperity find you this year as well, as in every!

Image05-12-2008 0.jpg

Illustration by Mitsuhiro Arita

Throughout the Adventurer Appreciation Campaign, moogles everywhere will be doling out interesting little tidbits of information concerning your adventures in Vana'diel. Please do not hesitate to speak to any of the moogle NPCs located on the streets of the three nations during the campaign.
They have also prepared a veritable mountain of Anniversary Rings to dispense to any ambitious adventurers looking for a little experiential boost!

In addition, bracing information broken down on a world-by-world basis will be made available for your viewing pleasure via PlayOnline from May 16.

How to Access

From the PlayOnline Main Menu:
Games >> FINAL FANTASY XI >> Developer's Room >> Adv. Appreciation

*Players in possession of an Anniversary Ring obtained from either last year's Adventurer Appreciation Campaign or the Welcome Back Campaign must dispose of their ring before being eligible to acquire a new one.

*Disposing of an Anniversary Ring obtained via this year's Adventurer Appreciation Campaign will not make a player eligible to obtain another.

Event Schedule

From Monday, May 12th, 2008 at 1:00AM until Wednesday, May 28th, 2008 at 1:00AM.

Event Areas

Moogle NPCs can be found in the zones listed below throughout the Adventurer Appreciation Campaign.

Southern San d'Oria / Northern San d'Oria / Bastok Mines / Bastok Markets / Windurst Waters / Windurst Woods

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