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Gold World Pass

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Gold World Pass Header.jpg

A Gold World Pass is acquired via a World Pass Merchant, and is also represented by a ten-digit number. However, the set in-game price is only 1,000 gil and does not fluctuate with the server's population as a World Pass did.

The term of validity is also seven days (Earth time), also the same as the former and now deprecated World Pass. However, unlike normal World Passes, the Gold World Pass can be used only once. Thus, if a player wishes to invite multiple friends to play Final Fantasy XI, a Gold World Pass must be purchased for each friend.

Unfortunately, the inviting player must wait seven earth days in between inviting each friend as only one can be purchased per earth week. A popular way to circumvent this is to give one of the new friends 1,000 gil to purchase a Gold World Pass for the next friend, and so on.

Eligibility Requirements

Note: A new character must have a valid Content ID and no other characters currently listed on their account for a Gold World Pass to function.

The Gold World Pass will still work if previous characters were deleted, however, it will not work if the characters still exist on inactive Content IDs. Otherwise, an error that the Gold World Pass is invalid will occur.
This error doesn't actually invalidate the Gold World Pass and it may still be used if the remaining characters are deleted from that user's account or by a another user's new character who does meet the Eligibility Requirements.

Purchasing A Pass

Speak with any of the following NPCs in order to purchase a pass.


NPC Name

Specific Location

San d'Oria Flag.jpg San d'Oria Ambleon Port San d'Oria (J-10)
Bastok-Flag.jpg Bastok Kachada Port Bastok (J-6)
Windurst-Flag.jpg Windurst Gamimi Heavens Tower (In the Clerical Chamber)

Pass Bonuses

Upon use of the Gold World Pass number, the new character and the inviting player may form a party and speak to a World Pass Merchant (choosing the option "Gold World Pass benefits") to obtain various rewards.
The first time this occurs, the new character will receive the following:

If both characters remain active (and paid for) for 40 Earth days, the new character will receive a Sprout Beret icon.png , while the Gold World Pass buyer will receive a Guide Beret icon.png (if the latter if one is not owned already). These two berets will provide an EXP boost when activated, similar to the Echad Ring.

Note to new players: Simply wearing the EXP items does not activate them. You must equip them and then go into items and use them on yourself. The other benefits of the berets are always active though.

Further rewards are obtainable by both characters at 70, 100, and 365 Earth days after new character creation, and by the Gold World Pass buyer 40 Earth days after he or she invites each additional new character (if applicable). These items include:

Inviting players will receive a message saying


Inviting Player

Invited Player

0 Nothing!
40 One of the following: One of the following:
70 One of the following: One of the following:
100 One of the following: One of the following:
365 One of the following: One of the following:

List A

List B

Race specific equipment can not be worn by other races.

Bolded items in the list offer somewhat valuable gains over other event/costume items in the list if chosen over the timepiece or airship furniture rewards.

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