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Adventuring Fellow/Equipment

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By leveling off of certain monsters and in zone controlled by a specific nation or the beastmen, the visible gear (except for head which is chosen separately) that your Adventuring Fellow displays will change. As your Familiarity Level raises, you will be able to lock up to three gear slots. By spending Fellow Points, you are capable of increasing the fashion advice limit to four.

Equipment for your Adventuring Fellow is purely aesthetic and does not affect his/her stats.

There are 4 different armor types that can be chosen. The exact method for how the armor is changed is still unknown, but the general consensus agree that regional control and monster types seem to play an important role in armor progression. Each gear slot can progress on a path independently of the others.

The safest route to armor progression (or at least to avoid armor aversion to a different path) seems to be fighting monsters belonging to a certain nation while that nation controls the region. For example, if you wished to progress through Windurst's armor path fighting Yagudos in Giddeus seems to have a much higher chance of avoiding the armor switching to another nation's path. Fighting Goblins, Moblins, and Bugbears in Oldton Movalpolos seems to be the most effective.

San d'Oria Path

Scale mail and plate mail. Referred to as "Heavy armor" by Ajahkeem.

Rank Body Hands Legs Feet
1 Scale Mail Scale Fng. Gnt. Scale Cuisses Scale Greaves
2 Breastplate Gauntlets Cuisses Plate Leggings
3 Mtl. Breastplate Mythril Gauntlets Mythril Cuisses Mythril Leggings
4 Eisenbrust Eisenhentzes Eisendiechlings Eisenschuhs
5 Cpc. Breastplate Cpc. Gauntlets Iron Cuisses Iron Greaves
6 Gold Cuirass Gold Gauntlets Gold Cuisses Gold Sabatons
7 Hara-Ate Kote Haidate Sune-Ate
8 Scp. Breastplate Scp. Gauntlets Steel Cuisses Steel Greaves
9 Darksteel Cuirass Dst. Gauntlets Darksteel Cuisses Dst. Sabatons
10 Adaman Cuirass Adaman Gauntlets Adaman Cuisses Adaman Sabatons

Bastok Path

Leather armor, chain mail, and scale mail. Referred to as "Light armor" by Ajahkeem.

Rank Body Hands Legs Feet
1 Lizard Jerkin Lizard Gloves Lizard Trousers Lizard Ledelsens
2 Chainmail Chain Mittens Chain Hose Greaves
3 Coral Scale Mail Coral Fng. Gnt. Coral Cuisses Coral Greaves
4 Kenpogi Tekko Sitabaki Kyahan
5 Shade Harness Shade Mittens Shade Tights Shade Leggings
6 Banded Mail Mufflers Breeches Sollerets
7 Raptor Jerkin Raptor Gloves Raptor Trousers Raptor Ledelsens
8 Shinobi Gi Shinobi Tekko Shinobi Hakama Shinobi Kyahan
9 Ryl.Kgt. Chainmail Ryl.Kgt. Mufflers Ryl.Kgt. Breeches Ryl.Kgt. Sollerets
10 Gavial Mail Gavial Fng. Gnt. Gavial Cuisses Gavial Greaves
11 Alumine Brayettes
12 Yasha Hakama

Windurst Path

Cloth attire. Referred to as "Mage gear" by Ajahkeem.

Rank Body Hands Legs Feet
1 Doublet Gloves Brais Gaiters
2 Trader's Saio Trader's Cuffs Trader's Slops Trader's Pigaches
3 Seer's Tunic Seer's Mitts Seer's Slacks Seer's Pumps
4 Gambison Bracers Hose Socks
5 Wool Robe Wool Cuffs Wool Slops Chestnut Sabots
6 Holy Breastplate Cuffs Slops Ash Clogs
7 Tct.Mgc. Coat Tct.Mgc. Cuffs Tct.Mgc. Slops Tct.Mgc. Pigaches
8 Earth Doublet Silk Mitts Silk Slacks Silk Pumps
9 Austere Robe Austere Cuffs Austere Slops Austere Sabots
10 Noble's Tunic Noble's Mitts Noble's Slacks Noble's Pumps
11 Errant Houppelande Errant Cuffs Errant Slops Errant Pigaches
12 Blessed Briault Blessed Mitts Blessed Trousers Blessed Pumps

Beastmen Path

Harness sets, subligaria and other random gear. Referred to as "Freestyle" by Ajahkeem.

Rank Body Hands Legs Feet
1 Starting Gear Starting Gear Starting Gear Starting Gear
2 Choc. Jack Coat Fsh. Gloves Vagabond's Hose Field Boots
3 Bronze Harness - Verification Needed Bronze Subligar Solea Verification Needed
4 Race Specific Equipment Race Specific Equipment Race Specific Equipment Race Specific Equipment
5 Blue Cotehardie Chocobo Gloves Fisherman's Hose Vagabond's Boots
6 Scorpion Harness Carpenter's Gloves - Verification Needed - Verification Needed
7 Justaucorps Battle Bracers Battle Hose Battle Boots
8 Coral Harness Coral Mittens Coral Subligar Coral Leggings
9 Cardinal Vest Mitts Slacks Shoes
10 Demon's Harness Bronze Mittens Verification Needed Vir / Femina Subligar Bronze Leggings Verification Needed
11 Bison Jacket Bison Wristbands Verification Needed Bison Kecks Verification Needed Bison Gamashes Verification Needed

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