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Adventuring Fellow/Head Wear

From BG FFXI Wiki
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As your Familiarity Level with your Adventuring Fellow rises, you will be able to chose new head gear for your Fellow.

When speaking to your Adventuring Fellow at the Rendezvous Point, select the "Let's talk about appearances" option. When you select "Headwear", you will get the following options.

  • What should I wear?
    • Your current headwear is fine.
    • List of headwear specific to your Fellow's set.
    • No Headwear at all.

Headwear sets were originally determined by your Adventuring Fellow's race and face type, but now may be determined by personality type. Additional research is warranted.

When you change headwear, the change will be reflected the next time you call your Adventuring Fellow with a Signal Pearl, Tactics Pearl, or at the Rendezvous Point.

Headwear changes are purely cosmetic and do not change your Adventuring Fellow's stats.


Race Type 1 Type 2 Type 3
Hume Male HumeMA7.jpg HumeMB7.jpg HumeMA3.jpg HumeMB3.jpg HumeMA1.jpg HumeMB1.jpg
Set 3 Set 4 Set 1
Hume Female HumeFA1.jpg HumeFB1.jpg HumeFA3.jpg HumeFB3.jpg HumeFA2.jpg HumeFB2.jpg
Set 8 Set 9 Set 7
Elvaan Male ElvaanMA2.jpg ElvaanMB2.jpg ElvaanMA8.jpg ElvaanMB8.jpg ElvaanMA7.jpg ElvaanMB7.jpg
Set 3 Set 4 Set 1
Elvaan Female ElvaanFA1.jpg ElvaanFB1.jpg ElvaanFA6.jpg ElvaanFB6.jpg ElvaanFA4.jpg ElvaanFB4.jpg
Set 11 Set 10 Set 7
Tarutaru Male TaruMA3.jpg TaruMB3.jpg TaruMA2.jpg TaruMB2.jpg TaruMA4.jpg TaruMB4.jpg
Set 3 Set 1 Set 3
Tarutaru Female TaruFA2.jpg TaruFB2.jpg TaruFA4.jpg TaruFB4.jpg TaruFA1.jpg TaruFB1.jpg
Set 8 Set 9 Set 10
Mithra MithraA5.jpg MithraB5.jpg MithraA6.jpg MithraB6.jpg MithraA7.jpg MithraB7.jpg
Set 8 Set 11 Set 10
Galka GalkaA3.jpg GalkaB3.jpg GalkaA7.jpg GalkaB7.jpg GalkaA6.jpg GalkaB6.jpg
Set 4 Set 3 Set 3

Set One

Set 1
Upgrade 1 Leather Bandana
Upgrade 2 Iron Visor
Upgrade 3 Trader's Chapeau
Upgrade 4 Iron Mask
Upgrade 5 Mythril Sallet
Upgrade 6 Tiger Helm
Upgrade 7 War Beret
Upgrade 8 Austere Hat
Upgrade 9 Wyvern Helm

Set Two

Set 2
Upgrade 1 Sallet
Upgrade 2 Zunari Kabuto
Upgrade 3 Scarlet Ribbon
Upgrade 4 Trader's Chapeau
Upgrade 5 Red Cap
Upgrade 6 Ogre Mask
Upgrade 7 Scorpion Helm
Upgrade 8 Panther Mask

Set Three

Set 3
Upgrade 1 Iron Mask
Upgrade 2 Bone Mask
Upgrade 3 Gavial Mask
Upgrade 4 Carapace Helm
Upgrade 5 Scorpion Helm
Upgrade 6 Celata
Upgrade 7 Alumine Salade
Upgrade 8 Darksteel Armet
Upgrade 9 Demon Helm

Set Four

Set 4
Upgrade 1 Faceguard
Upgrade 2 Velvet Hat
Upgrade 3 Noct Beret
Upgrade 4 Shade Tiara
Upgrade 5 Banded Helm
Upgrade 6 Black Ribbon
Upgrade 7 Iron Mask
Upgrade 8 Green Beret
Upgrade 9 Tiger Mask

Set Five

Set 5
Upgrade 1 Lizard Helm
Upgrade 2 Blue Ribbon
Upgrade 3 Noct Beret
Upgrade 4 Trader's Chapeau
Upgrade 5 Shinobi Hachigane
Upgrade 6 Velvet Hat
Upgrade 7 Coral Cap
Upgrade 8 Bison Warbonnet
Upgrade 9 Panther Mask

Set Six

Set 6
Upgrade 1 Trader's Chapeau
Upgrade 2 Shade Tiara
Upgrade 3 Iron Mask
Upgrade 4 Alumine Salade
Upgrade 5 Garish Crown
Upgrade 6 Crow Beret
Upgrade 7 Gavial Mask
Upgrade 8 Yasha Jinpachi
Upgrade 9 Wyvern Helm

Set Seven

Set 7
Upgrade 1 Circlet
Upgrade 2 Trader's Chapeau
Upgrade 3 Garish Crown
Upgrade 4 Silk Hat
Upgrade 5 Red Cap
Upgrade 6 Iron Mask
Upgrade 7 Bascinet
Upgrade 8 Noble's Crown
Upgrade 9 Demon Helm

Set Eight

Set 8
Upgrade 1 Blue Ribbon
Upgrade 2 Headgear
Upgrade 3 Scarlet Ribbon
Upgrade 4 Coral Cap
Upgrade 5 Garish Crown
Upgrade 6 Coeurl Mask
Upgrade 7 Velvet Hat
Upgrade 8 Shinobi Hachigane
Upgrade 9 Tiger Mask

Set Nine

Set 9
Upgrade 1 Seer's Crown
Upgrade 2 Silk Hat
Upgrade 3 Circlet
Upgrade 4 Noct Beret
Upgrade 5 Bascinet
Upgrade 6 Trader's Chapeau
Upgrade 7 Headgear
Upgrade 8 Crow Beret
Upgrade 9 Demon Helm

Set Ten

Set 10
Upgrade 1 Green Ribbon
Upgrade 2 Bronze Cap
Upgrade 3 Velvet Hat
Upgrade 4 Trader's Chapeau
Upgrade 5 Circlet
Upgrade 6 Noct Beret
Upgrade 7 Tiger Helm
Upgrade 8 Silk Hat
Upgrade 9 Panther Mask

Set Eleven

Set 11
Upgrade 1 Bronze Cap
Upgrade 2 Faceguard
Upgrade 3 Shade Tiara
Upgrade 4 Velvet Hat
Upgrade 5 Noct Beret
Upgrade 6 Purple Ribbon
Upgrade 7 Banded Helm
Upgrade 8 Errant Hat
Upgrade 9 Tiger Mask

Set Twelve

Set 12
Upgrade 1 Padded Cap
Upgrade 2 Banded Helm
Upgrade 3 Bone Mask
Upgrade 4 Shinobi Hachigane
Upgrade 5 Celata
Upgrade 6 Green Beret
Upgrade 7 Hachiman Jinpachi
Upgrade 8 Adaman Barbuta
Upgrade 9 Wyvern Helm

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