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Adventuring Fellow/Weapon Upgrades

From BG FFXI Wiki
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As your Familiarity with your Adventuring Fellow increases, Luto will periodically tell you that your Adventuring Fellow is looking for a new weapon. You can trade any of the following weapons to Luto as long as it is at or below the current max weapon limit. For example, if you are on the fifth upgrade and want to use a hand to hand weapon, you could chose any of the following: Cesti, Bronze Knuckles, Baghnakhs, Claws, or Katars.

Adventuring Fellows always have capped skill in any weapon. Even if you switch to completely different weapon types, your Adventuring Fellow will be able to continue with the new weapon and never have to skill up.

Once you trade a weapon to Luto, it is gone permanently. If you switch from one weapon type to another, if you wish to switch back to the previous weapon type, you must trade a new version of that weapon to Luto. There are no restrictions to how many times you can trade weapons to her, provided they are at or below your current weapon limit.

Your Adventuring Fellow currently cannot dual wield weapons, so if you chose a one-handed weapon your Adventuring Fellow will either have to go bare in the sub slot, or you will have to give him/her a shield.

Hand to Hand, Dagger, Sword, Great Sword, Scythe, and Staff all have area of effect weapon skills; since your Adventuring Fellow will select any weapon skill at random, he/she may use one of the AoE weapon skills and inadvertently cause links.*
* An adjustment from the March 2008 Version Update removed the following AoE weaponskills from Adventuring Fellows: Spinning Attack, Cyclone, Circle Blade, Shockwave, Spinning Scythe, Earth Crusher.

Oft times the weapon that you give Luto will not be the same model that your Adventuring Fellow will use. The damage rating and delay of the weapon that the that you give to Luto also does not seem to be the same as the weapon that your NPC uses.

Trade List

Hand-to-Hand Dagger Sword Great Sword
1 Cesti Bronze Knife Bronze Sword Claymore
2 Bronze Knuckles Bronze Dagger Xiphos Two-Hand. Sword
3 Baghnakhs Baselard Scimitar Inferno Sword
4 Claws Kukri Longsword Falx
5 Katars Kris Tuck Mythril Claymore
6 Patas Bone Knife Tulwar Greatsword
7 Jamadhars Darksteel Knife Schlaeger Ram-Dao
Axe Great Axe Scythe Polearm
1 Bronze Axe Butterfly Axe Bronze Zaghnal Harpoon
2 Brass Axe Greataxe Brass Zaghnal Bronze Spear
3 Battleaxe Hydro Axe Scythe Spear
4 War Pick Voulge Zaghnal Lance
5 Mythril Axe Twicer Mythril Scythe Halberd
6 Tabar Heavy Axe Mythril Zaghnal Mythril Lance
7 Mythril Pick Hydro Cutter Mandibular Sickle Kamayari
Katana Great Katana Club Staff
1 Kunai Uchigatana Bronze Mace Ash Staff
2 Wakizashi Nodachi Bronze Hammer Ash Pole
3 Hibari Kanesada Willow Wand Holly Pole
4 Busuto Ashura Brass Rod Spiked Club
5 Kodachi Hosodachi Bone Cudgel Oak Staff
6 Sakurafubuki Mikazuki Bone Rod Oak Pole
7 Kabutowari Kiku-Ichimonji Darksteel Mace Quarterstaff
1 Lauan Shield
2 Shell Shield
3 Aspis
4 Mahogany Shield
5 Kite Shield
6 Targe
7 Heater Shield


Weapon trade number Start dialog
First message Luto Mewrilahin: ≺Player Name≻, I have a question for you.

How do you go about choosing a weapon?

Second message Luto Mewrilahin: Hi, ≺Player Name≻.

<Adventuring Fellow Name> told me he/she was thinking about upgrading his/her weapon.

Third message Luto Mewrilahin: Oh, ≺Player Name≻.

About <Adventuring Fellow Name>'s weapon... I think your pal is looking for a new one again. If the weapons I hand over don't make an impression, they don't get used, it seems.

Fourth message Luto Mewrilahin: ≺Player Name≻, have you met with <Adventuring Fellow Name> lately?

It appears he's/she's rrreally coming along as an adventurer. I thought a new weapon or shield would make a nice gift in thanks for all the hard work your frrriend has done for me.

Fifth message Luto Mewrilahin: ≺Player Name≻, the weapon that <Adventuring Fellow Name> is using is not the one that I gave him/her...

Was there something wrong with my gift!? I think I'm insulted!

Sixth message Luto Mewrilahin: I saw <Adventuring Fellow Name> going into a weapon store carrying one of our gifts...

Why would someone want to visit a weapon store after rrreceiving such fine prrresents from us?

Seventh message Luto Mewrilahin: Hi, ≺Player Name≻.

Guess what I saw the other day? There was a moogle wandering along carrying some weapon. The moogle must take good care of it, because it was the polished gleam that caught my eye. He seemed to be on his way to a Mog House.

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