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Location: Lower Jeuno - (H-9 inside Waag-Deeg's Magic Shop)
Type: Artifact armor reset
Description: Resets Artifact Armor quests for 10,000 gil.


  • You must pay the 10k fee for every job's Artifact Armor you wish to re-quest.
  • You must have completed all six of the Artifact Armor quests for the job before you are able to re-quest them.
    • You must complete the coffer items as well.
  • You must store or drop any pieces of Artifact Armor before you may re-quest your Artifact Armor.
  • Any pieces of armor from coffers still in your inventory after restarting Artifact Armor quests will be unavailable from the coffers if you stored it then returned it to your inventory after restarting the quests. If you decided to throw out or upgrade those pieces after this point then it will register as if you already acquired that item step.
  • Your progress is started back at your Artifact Armor weapon and not the first piece of armor.

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