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Oboro, located in Port Jeuno at (E-6) at the bottom of the stairs; offers various weapon creation, reforging, and augmentation services.

The following are a breakdown of Oboro's main services. Select the follow options to be taken to the corresponding place on the page:

  • Selecting the back button in your browser will return you to the top table after selecting any of these options.

Ultimate Weapon iLvl Upgrade


Before a player is able to upgrade their "99" or "99 II" weapon to "119 I" or "119 II", at least one of the following prerequisites must be completed:

These items must be equipped when speaking with Oboro in order to begin the reforging process.

Oboro assists players in upgrading their Relic Weapons, Empyrean Weapons, Mythic Weapons, and Ergon Weapons to their initial and final iLevel 119 stages.

Note: Shields and Instruments do not have Item Level 119 variants, and therefore cannot undergo reforging. Because of this, those Ultimate Weapons are not eligible for any progression thereafter that Oboro offers.

Step 1: REM "119 I" and "119 II" Stage Upgrade

The initial stage for 119 REMs is trading specific materials to Oboro, the amount and type of item varies depending on the weapon being upgraded:

Step 2: REME "119 III" Stage Upgrade

Note: The Key Item:"Scintillating Rhapsody" Key Item, obtained from the final Rhapsodies of Vana'diel Mission, must be obtained first in order to begin the process.

  • Trade the iLevel 119 weapon to Oboro to begin.
    • Multiple weapons may not be reforged at once, unless the current one is either completed or abandoned.
      • The process may be abandoned at any time, but any materials you have traded will not be returned.
  • Trade the required items to Oboro:
  • Trade the iLevel 119 weapon to Oboro again after trading the required amount of stones.
  • After one game day, he will provide you with the completed final form iLevel 119 "III" weapon.
    • Note: Aeonic Weapons start as "119 III" strength, so once again they do not go through this step.

Step 3: REMEA "119 III Augmented Stage" Upgrade

See the Ultimate Weapon Augments page for a list of Rank 15 maximum augments for each REMA weapon.

Beginning the Process

  • In order to begin this final step, you must possess an upgraded "119 III" or Aeonic weapon and the appropriate key item Key Item as detailed below:
  • There are two options to obtain the required key item Key Item to upgrade your 119 III weapons, either of these can be done and it will have the same ending result:
  • Option #1: Trade 10,000 Job Points from any job to Oboro.
  • To begin this option, speak to Oboro while you are on a job that is Mastered. He will then ask for your help in upgrading his tools, and ask for Job Points to be donated to the cause.
  • Only 700 Job Points per week may be turned in (resets Sunday, JP Midnight), but they may be used from any job that you have mastered.
  • They may also be used in any combination, such as 250 from Warrior, 50 from Bard, and 400 from Corsair.
  • In order to donate Job Points, talk to Oboro and select "Upgrading my weapons even further".
  • Within this menu, you will have an option for each weapon in your inventory that is eligible to upgrade and is on the "119 III stage.
  • Option #2: Obtain the appropriate Mask of Light Key Item key item from the Dynamis - Divergence Wave 3 bosses. Each boss represents a type of weapon, as explained in the following table:
Weapon Type Area Unfinished Mask Completed Mask
Relic Weapons Dynamis - Windurst (D) Tarutaru Mask of Darkness Tarutaru Mask of Light
Mythic Weapons / Ergon Weapons Dynamis - Bastok (D) Galka Mask of Darkness Galka Mask of Light
Empyrean Weapons Dynamis - San d'Oria (D) Elvaan Mask of Darkness Elvaan Mask of Light
Aeonic Weapons Dynamis - Jeuno (D) Mithra Mask of Darkness Mithra Mask of Light
  • Upon reaching Wave 3, a player must destroy an Elemental Circle in order to obtain the "Mask of Darkness" Key Item key item for that zone.
  • Once you possess this Key Item, a "Mask" meter will appear in the top left of the screen next to the zone countdown timer, tracking your progress.
  • In order to upgrade this item to a "Mask of Light" Key Item, players must perform either of the following:
  • Option 1: Defeat the boss.
  • Option 2: Damage the boss for a total of 30,000,000 HP. The mask meter will gradually fill as damage is done to the boss.
  • The damage calculation is cumulative alliance damage, not player specific damage.
  • The Disjoined bosses have around 20,000,000 HP, so a boss must be fought a minimum of two times in order to obtain your Mask of Light key item.
  • You do not have to defeat the boss, so any progress made on damaging it will count towards your total.
  • Your points earned are saved until the next time you encounter that particular zone's boss.
  • After receiving your Light Mask, you will obtain another Dark Mask on your next Elemental Circle kill.
  • Filling the Mask bar a second time after receiving your Light Mask in that zone gifts you a M. Astral Detritus in your inventory.
  • After you obtain a Key Item from any zone, or turn in 10,000 job points for any category, you must now ask Oboro about each weapon type you are able to upgrade.
  • He will then take the Mask of Light Key Item from you, tell you that you may now upgrade that category of weapons, and then return said mask to you.

Upgrading your Weapons

  • After you follow the steps above, you can now upgrade your weapons.
  • Note: Unlike the crafted weapons and necks, you may not upgrade Ultimate Weapons via defeating enemies in Divergence.
  • In order to begin the process, you must trade your eligible weapon plus one S. Astral Detritus to Oboro. You will then have Rank 1 augments placed on your weapon with a bar representing your total RP until next rank.
  • To continue progressing ranks, weapon upgrades are completed by earning RP or "Reinforcement Points" on every eligible weapon you possess. These are earned by trading a weapon plus the following to Oboro:
  • S. Astral Detritus icon.png Crystal of Swart Astral Detritus (S. Astral Detritus) - Each swart crystal is worth 10 RP each.
  • M. Astral Detritus icon.png Crystal of Murky Astral Detritus (M. Astral Detritus) - Each murky crystal is worth 50 RP each.
  • All REMA weapons reach a maximum of Rank 15, so a total of 5,960 points must be earned to fully augment a weapon.
  • Though the item says augment path A, there are no other augment paths possible to take.
  • As long as you meet the requirements for a weapon type, multiple weapons from the same category, as well as multiple weapon types, can be upgraded at the same time!
  • Due to technical constraints, weapons cannot have an augment Augment-Icon.png statistic as well as Dispense items at the same time. Because of this, the Marksmanship and Archery weapons lose their Dispensing capabilities once the augmentation process begins. In return, Oboro provides you with a new version of your 119 III weapon and an appropriate waist armor piece to equip so you can still generate appropriate Ammunition.
Weapon 119 III Quiver/Pouch 119 (Aug)
Annihilator Annihilator (Level 119 III) Eradicating Bullet Pouch Annihilator (Augmented)
Armageddon Armageddon (Level 119 III) Devastating Bullet Pouch Armageddon (Augmented)
Death Penalty Death Penalty (Level 119 III) Living Bullet Pouch Death Penalty (Augmented)
Fomalhaut Fomalhaut Chrono Bullet Pouch Fomalhaut (Augmented)
Yoichinoyumi Yoichinoyumi (Level 119 III) Yoichi's Quiver Yoichinoyumi (Augmented)
Gandiva Gandiva (Level 119 III) Artemis's Quiver Gandiva (Augmented)
Fail-Not Fail-Not Chrono Quiver Fail-Not (Augmented)
Gastraphetes Gastraphetes (Level 119 III) Quelling Bolt Quiver Gastraphetes (Augmented)

Dynamis - Divergence Crafted Equipment Augmentation

Beginning the Process

All versions of the equipment crafted from materials obtained in Dynamis - Divergence areas are able to be augmented with a similar Reinforcement Point process as REMA, except there are no key item Key Item requirements.

  • The only requirement to begin this process is to have previously entered any Dynamis - Divergence area at least once.
  • After meeting this requirement, trade your item to Oboro.
  • Note: When you begin the augmentation process, you immediately lose any signatures that were on these pieces of equipment.
  • Furthermore, after you begin to augment a piece of equipment, you can no longer sell a piece of equipment by any means. This includes Trading, Bazaar, or Auction House.
  • You must now choose the path you wish to take to augment your equipment.
  • Neck equipment has only one path to choose from, regardless of the equipment displaying Path A.
  • Weapons have three different paths.
  • CAUTION! Once you choose a weapon path, you may not change to another path without obtaining a new weapon!

Upgrading your Equipment

  • After you follow the steps above, you can now upgrade your Equipment.
  • NQ equipment caps at Rank 15, for a total of 5950 Reinforcement Points to max out the item.
  • HQ1 equipment caps at Rank 20, for a total of 13060 Reinforcement Points to max out the item.
  • HQ2+ equipment caps at Rank 25, for a total of 25150 Reinforcement Points to max out the item.
  • In order to earn Reinforcement Points, you have two methods. You can use a combination of both in order to earn points. You are not limited to one or the other.
  • Method #1 Trade the piece of equipment along with one of the following items in order to earn RP:
  • Wave 1 Monsters: Squadron Monsters are worth 10 RP each, while Leaders are worth 20 RP each.
  • Wave 2 Monsters: Regiment Monsters are worth 20 RP each, while Leaders are worth 40 RP each.
  • Wave 3 Monsters: Normal Volte Monsters are worth 30 RP each, while Volte Leaders are worth 50 RP each.

JSE iLevel 119 Weapons

Creation Process

As of the April 2014 version update, also crafts iLv119 job specific equipment for each job; and as of the February 2016 version update, augments these items through unique and specific upgrade paths.

Augmentation Process

The Key Item:"Scintillating Rhapsody", obtained from the final Rhapsodies of Vana'diel Mission, must be obtained first in order to begin the augmenting process for these items.

To begin, speak with Oboro about the weapons.

  • You actually need to select the option, "About the weapons" in order to be allowed to augment!!
  • This requires you to go into the "Show me the List." option, and then select the option "About the Weapons" at the bottom.
  • The initial type of stone traded to begin the augment process locks the weapon in to being upgraded only with that type of stone.
  • The initial stone is not counted toward augment ranks, but is consumed.
  • Each stone increases augment by 20 rank points.
  • All 299 must be of a single type.
  • The type required matches the stone which the player traded to initially to start the augment process.
  • Though the item says augment path A, there are no other augment paths possible to take.

Weapons and Augments

Name Required Materials Icon Description Rank 15 Augment Item Type Job
Minos Cehuetzi Claw 20860 icon.png DMG:274 Delay:504 Attack+15 Great Axe skill +242 Parrying skill +242 Magic Accuracy skill +188 Enmity-10 "Double Attack"+4% Accuracy +70
Double Attack +6%
Critical Hit Rate +5%
Great Axe WAR
Darksteel Voulge
Nyepel Cehuetzi Pelt 20534 icon.png DMG:+98 Delay:+51 HP+120 VIT+12 Hand-to-Hand skill +242 Guarding skill +242 Magic Accuracy skill +188 Enmity-10 Accuracy +70
STR +10
Store TP +5
Hand-to-Hand MNK
Koenigs Knuckles
Bone Patas
Sindri Cehuetzi Pelt 21110 icon.png DMG:175 Delay:324 INT+6 MND+6 Accuracy+27 Attack+15 Magic Damage+90 Club skill +228 Parrying skill +228 Magic Accuracy skill +188 Enmity-10 "Double Attack"+4% Accuracy +50
Attack +30
Double Attack +5%
Club WHM
Darksteel Maul
Darksteel Mace
Kaladanda Cehuetzi Pelt 21173 icon.png DMG:204 Delay:366 INT+12 MND+12 Magic Accuracy+20 "Magic Atk. Bonus"+20 Magic Damage+224 Staff skill +242 Parrying skill +242 Magic Accuracy skill +228 Enmity-10 Magic Accuracy +50
Magic Damage +30
Fast Cast +6%
Staff BLM
Mythic Pole
Dark Staff
Egeking Cehuetzi Claw 20720 icon.png DMG:124 Delay:236 Magic Damage+70 Sword skill +242 Parrying skill +242 Magic Accuracy skill +188 Enmity -10 "Phalanx" damage reduction +2 Sword enhancement spell damage +10 Accuracy +50
Magic Accuracy +30
Fast Cast +8%
Sword RDM
Sandung Cehuetzi Claw 20618 icon.png DMG:102 Delay:200 AGI+10 Evasion+22 Dagger skill +242 Parrying skill +242 Magic Accuracy skill +188 Enmity-10 "Treasure Hunter"+1 Weapon skill damage +5% Accuracy +50
Critical Hit Rate +5%
Triple Attack +3%
Dagger THF
Darksteel Knife
Priwen Cehuetzi Pelt 28648 icon.png DEF:65 HP+30 Shield skill +112 Enhances "Reprisal" effect "Phalanx" damage reduction +2 Damage taken -6% HP +50
Magic Evasion +50
Damage Taken -3%
Shield PLD
Darksteel Shield
Cronus Cehuetzi Claw 20904 icon.png DMG:288 Delay:528 Accuracy+15 Attack+15 Scythe skill +242 Parrying skill +242 Magic Accuracy skill +188 Enmity-10 Additional effect: HP drain DMG: +10
Accuracy +70
Weapon Skill Damage +10%
Scythe DRK
Orichalcum Scythe
Ivory Sickle
Arktoi Cehuetzi Claw 20811 icon.png DMG:150 Delay:276 Axe skill +242 Parrying skill +242 Magic Accuracy skill +188 Enmity-10 "Killer" effects +5 Pet: Attack+20 "Double Attack"+3% Accuracy +50
Pet: Accuracy +50
Pet: Attack +30
Darksteel Pick
Terpander Cehuetzi Pelt 21407 icon.png Grants an additional song effect HP +30
Magic Accuracy +10
Damage Taken -3%
Instrument BRD
Ebony Harp
Lionsquall Cehuetzi Pelt 21277 icon.png DMG:116 Delay:600 Ranged Attack+20 Marksmanship skill +242 Enmity-10 "Barrage"+1 Ranged Accuracy +50
Store TP +8
Snapshot +5%
Matchlock Gun
Kurikaranotachi Cehuetzi Claw 21039 icon.png DMG:251 Delay:450 Great Katana skill +242 Parrying skill +242 Magic Accuracy skill +188 Enmity-10 "Zanshin"+5 Zanshin: Chance to occasionally attack twice +5% Accuracy +70
Weapon Skill Damage +5%
Double Attack +5%
Great Katana SAM
Shigi Cehuetzi Claw 20994 icon.png DMG:98 Delay:190 Accuracy+27 Evasion+27 Katana skill +228 Parrying skill +228 Magic Accuracy skill +215 Ninjutsu skill +10 Enmity-10 Ninjutsu recast delay -3 "Ninja Tool Expertise"+5 Accuracy +50
Ranged Accuracy +50
Damage Taken -5%
Katana NIN
Areadbhar Cehuetzi Claw 20948 icon.png DMG:269 Delay:492 Polearm skill +242 Parrying skill +242 Magic Accuracy skill +188 Enmity-10 "Store TP"+6 Jump: "Double Attack"+3% DMG: +8
Accuracy +70
Store TP +8
Polearm DRG
Orichalcum Lance
Dark Mezraq
Gridarvor Cehuetzi Pelt 21174 icon.png DMG:204 Delay:366 MP+88 Staff skill +242 Parrying skill +242 Magic Accuracy skill +188 Avatar perpetuation cost -5 Avatar: Accuracy+25 Haste+3% Pet: Accuracy +70
Pet: Attack +70
Pet: Double Attack +15%
Staff SMN
Mahogany Staff
Light Staff
Mimesis Cehuetzi Claw 20721 icon.png DMG:128 Delay:236 HP+50 STR+10 DEX+10 VIT+10 AGI+10 INT+10 MND+10 CHR+10 Sword skill +242 Parrying skill +242 Magic Accuracy skill +188 Enmity-10 Accuracy +50
Magic Accuracy +50
Magic Damage +80
Sword BLU
Adaman Kilij
Deathlocke Cehuetzi Pelt 21278 icon.png DMG:82 Delay:480 Magic Damage+60 Marksmanship skill +242 Enmity-10 "Cardless Ability Use"+15 AGI +10
Magic Damage +30
Magic Attack Bonus +10
Matchlock Gun
Ohtas Cehuetzi Pelt 20535 icon.png DMG:+93 Delay:+54 Hand-to-Hand skill +242 Guarding skill +242 Magic Accuracy skill +188 Enmity-10 Automaton: "Refresh"+1 "Regain"+10 Accuracy +70
Pet: Accuracy +70
Pet: Haste +10%
Hidden Effect:
Pet: Ranged Accuracy +70
Hand-to-Hand PUP
Adaman Sainti
Darksteel Claws
Polyhymnia Cehuetzi Claw 20619 icon.png DMG:95 Delay:194 Attack+13 Evasion+22 Dagger skill +242 Parrying skill +242 Magic Accuracy skill +188 Enmity-10 Samba: "Regain"+10 Accuracy +50
Store TP +8
Weapon Skill Damage +5%
Dagger DNC
Darksteel Kukri
Coeus Cehuetzi Pelt 21175 icon.png DMG:204 Delay:366 INT+12 MND+12 "Magic Atk. Bonus"+24 Magic Damage+217 Staff skill +242 Parrying skill +242 Magic Accuracy skill +228 Enmity-10 "Regen" duration +12 Magic Accuracy +50
Magic Attack Bonus +10
Fast Cast +5%
Staff SCH
Mahogany Pole
Ice Staff
Dunna Cehuetzi Pelt Dunna icon.png Handbell skill +18 Geomancy +5 Damage taken by luopan -5% MP +20
Magic Accuracy +10
Fast Cast +3%
Handbell GEO
Imperial Wootz Ingot
Star Sapphire
Aettir Cehuetzi Claw 20761 icon.png DMG:263 Delay:480 Great Sword skill +242 Parrying skill +242 Magic Accuracy skill +188 Enmity+10 "Lunge"+10 Physical damage taken II -5% Accuracy +70
Magic Evasion +50
Weapon Skill Damage +10%
Great Sword RUN

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