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Aht Urhgan Mission 31

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Shades of Vengeance
Series Treasures of Aht Urhgan
Starting NPC Cutter, Arrapago Reef - (H-8)
Title Nashmeira's Mercenary
Repeatable No
Description You have been ordered to participate in the search for Aphmau by the Immortal, Amnaf. You are to begin in Periqia, ancestral land of the corsairs.
Previous Mission Next Mission
Prevalence of Pirates In the Blood


  • Head to Dvucca Isle Staging Point.
  • Enter Periqia for a battle.
  • This fight is against 10x K23H1-LAMIA.
    • All the K23H1-LAMIA are located together at (H-9).
    • They all have true sight and link.
    • All of the K23H1-LAMIA attacks have the added effect of Poison.
    • They can also use the WS Venomous Tail which has a very strong Poison effect (at least 80 HP a tick).
  • Not all the K23H1-LAMIA must be defeated to win. The battle will end after a random number of them have been defeated.
  • If you fail the battle, you can obtain another permit to enter from Nahshib after one game day.


  • If you have already finished this mission, you do not need another permit to help others with it.

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