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Location: Lower Jeuno - (J-8)
Type: Vendor
Description: Only sells to Members of the Tenshodo.

Item Name

Price (gil)


Kunai 884
Wakizashi 2,400
Uchigatana 5,336
Kanesada 19,800
Tachi 3,141
Nodachi 8,124
Tanegashima 13,062
Shuriken 50
Hachimaki 825
Cotton Hachimaki 4,884
Soil Hachimaki 13,392
Kenpogi 1,245
Cotton Dogi 7,360
Soil Gi 19,800
Tekko 685
Cotton Tekko 4,050
Soil Tekko 11,088
Sitabaki 995
Cotton Sitabaki 5,898
Soil Sitabaki 16,128
Kyahan 635
Cotton Kyahan 3,774
Soil Kyahan 16,524

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