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Allied Union

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Participating in a Union


General Drops

Zone Drops

Northland Zones

Unit Drop
Xarcabard (S)
Beaucedine Glacier (S)

San d'Orian Zones

Unit Drop
Batallia Downs (S)
The Eldieme Necropolis (S)
Jugner Forest (S)
Vunkerl Inlet (S)
East Ronfaure (S)
La Vaule (S)
Southern San d'Oria (S)

Bastokan Zones

Unit Drop
Rolanberry Fields (S)
Crawlers' Nest (S)
Pashhow Marshlands (S)
Grauberg (S)
North Gustaberg (S)
Beadeaux (S)
Bastok Markets (S)

Windurstian Zones

Unit Drop
Sauromugue Champaign (S)
Garlaige Citadel (S)
Meriphataud Mountains (S)
Fort Karugo-Narugo (S)
West Sarutabaruta (S)
Windurst Waters (S)

Unit Drops

Orcish Hosts

Unit Drop
Steelhide Horde (Bakgodek)
Gwajboj's Gutrenders (Gwajboj)
Spinebeak Horde (Rojgnoj)
Clan Reaper (Jagidbod's Warmachine)
Moonfang Pack (Anders)
Gnadgad's Dismemberment Brigade (Gnadgad)
Gudrud's Shieldchewers (Gudrud)
Prozpuz's Throatrippers (Prozpuz)
Gochazuk's Gravemakers (Gochazuk)
Clan Longtooth (Vatgit)
Clan Bear (Turret & Belfry)

Quadav Shieldwarriors

Unit Drop
Di'Dha's Elite Guard (Di'Dha Adamantfist)
Waughroon Armored Division (Bo'Dho Hundredfist)
Beadeaux Vanguard (De'Vyu Headhunter (S))
Qulun Armored Divison (Bi'Gho Headtaker)
Go'Bhu's Elite Raiders (Go'Bhu Herohunter)
Dadough Vanguard (Do'Bho Venomtail)
No'Mho's Elite Guard (No'Mho Crimsonarmor)
Gi'Ghi's Elite Guard (Gi'Ghi Rockchopper)
Vhuud Vanguard (Ga'Dho Softstep)
Go'Dha's Elite Raiders (Go'Dha Jademaiden)
Bo'Dho Elite Guard (Turret & Belfry)

Yagudo Theomilitary

Unit Drop
Divine Templars (Vee Qiqa)
Divine Disseminators (Moo Ouzi)
Divine Assassins (Muu Buxu)
Divine Ascetics (Dee Xalmo)
Plenilune Ronin (Kazan)
Divine Inspirers (Vuu Puqu)
Divine Sentinels (Yuu Mjuu)
Divine Inciter (Vaa Oozu)
Divine Paradigms (Yaa Haqa)
Divine Martyrs (Vee Seju)
Divine Pilgrims (Turret & Belfry)

Dark Kindred

Unit Drop
Shadowhorn Batallion
Shadowhand Batallion
Shadowfang Battalion
Shadoweye Batallion
Shadowsoul Batallion
Shadowwing Batallion
Shadowhind Batallion (Belfry??)

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