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Category:JSE Capes

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JSE Capes are a category of level 99 back armor that are obtained from Colonization Reives and Lair Reives in Marjami Ravine, Yorcia Weald, Kamihr Drifts and Ra'Kaznar, the various Gates that connect them, and any Wildskeeper Reive.
Augmented versions of the capes found in Reives may be obtained from coffers dropped in Incursion.
With the April 2016 update[1], a second line of augmentable capes were introduced, being obtained in Ambuscade.

Reive and Incursion Capes

You may augment these capes with a Refractive Crystal icon.png Refractive Crystal via Detrovio at the Inventors' Coalition in Western Adoulin (J-10).

Unaugmented capes can be traded at a 3:1 ratio via the NPC Makel-Pakel in the Celennia Memorial Library, who may also remove augments from capes so that they may be exchanged.

To remove an augment from a cape, simply trade it to him and he will remove it for no cost.

Name Icon Description Job Incursion/Refractive Crystal Augment
Mauler's Mantle Ex-Icon.gif Mauler's Mantle icon.png DEF:17 STR+5 Accuracy+13 Attack+13 "Double Attack"+3% WAR STR 1~5
DEX 1~5
Accuracy 1~7
Critical Hit Damage 1~3%
Anchoret's Mantle Ex-Icon.gif Anchoret's Mantle icon.png DEF:16 HP+80 VIT+5 Accuracy+20 Attack+15 MNK STR 1~5
DEX 1~5
Counter 1~5
Subtle Blow 1~5
Mending Cape Ex-Icon.gif Mending Cape icon.png DEF:13 Enmity-6 Enhances "Cursna" effect Enhances "Divine Caress" effect WHM Magic Accuracy 1~10
Healing Magic Skill 1~10
Enhancing Magic Skill 1~10
Cure Potency 1~5%
Bane Cape Ex-Icon.gif Bane Cape icon.png DEF:13 MP+90 Magic Accuracy+10 Magic Damage+10 Enmity-2 BLM Magic Attack Bonus 1~5
Elemental Magic Skill 1~10
Dark Magic Skill 1~10
Fast Cast 1~5
Ghostfyre Cape Ex-Icon.gif Ghostfyre Cape icon.png DEF:13 "Cure" potency +6% Magic Damage+6 Sword enhancement spell damage +5 RDM Magic Accuracy 1~10
Enfeebling Magic Skill 1~10
Enhancing Magic Skill 1~10
Enhancing Magic Duration 10~20
Canny Cape Ex-Icon.gif Canny Cape icon.png DEF:16 AGI+6 Accuracy+10 Evasion+15 "Triple Attack"+2% THF DEX 1~5
AGI 1~5
Dual Wield 1~5
Critical Hit Damage 1~3%
Weard Mantle Ex-Icon.gif Weard Mantle icon.png DEF:20 HP+40 MP+40 Accuracy+15 Damage taken -3% PLD DEX 1~5
VIT 1~5
Enmity 1~7
Phalanx 1~5
Niht Mantle Ex-Icon.gif Niht Mantle icon.png DEF:16 STR+5 Attack+35 DRK Attack 5~15
Dark Magic Skill 1~10
Drain and Aspir Potency 10~25
Weaponskill Damage 1~5%
Pastoralist's Mantle Ex-Icon.gif Pastoralist's Mantle icon.png DEF:16 MND+10 Accuracy+10 Attack+20 Pet: Attack+20 BST STR/DEX 1~5
Accuracy 1~5
Pet: Accuracy/Ranged Accuracy 5~20
Pet: Damage Taken -1~5%
Rhapsode's Cape Ex-Icon.gif Rhapsode's Cape icon.png DEF:13 MP+50 Magic Accuracy+13 "Magic Def. Bonus"+5 Wind instrument skill +8 BRD HP 18~30
Magic Accuracy 1~7
Enmity -1~10
Damage Taken -1~3%
Lutian Cape Ex-Icon.gif Lutian Cape icon.png DEF:13 HP+50 Ranged Accuracy+15 Ranged Attack+15 Enmity-5 RNG STR 1~5Question
AGI 1~5
Store TP 1~3
Snapshot 1~3
Takaha Mantle Ex-Icon.gif Takaha Mantle icon.png DEF:17 Accuracy+15 Attack+15 "Store TP"+10 SAM STR 1~5
Store TP 1~3
Zanshin 1~5
Meditate Duration 4~8
Yokaze Mantle Ex-Icon.gif Yokaze Mantle icon.png DEF:16 HP+50 Accuracy+15 Attack+15 Ranged Accuracy+15 Magic Accuracy+15 Evasion+15 "Double Attack"+2% NIN STR 1-5
DEX 1~5
Skillchain Damage 1~5%
Weaponskill Damage 1~5%
Updraft Mantle Ex-Icon.gif Updraft Mantle icon.png DEF:16 VIT+8 Accuracy+20 Attack+20 Wyvern: HP+100 Attack+20 DRG STR 1~5
Weaponskill Damage 1~5
Pet: Damage Taken 1~5%
Breath 1~10
Conveyance Cape Ex-Icon.gif Conveyance Cape icon.png DEF:13 MP+100 Summoning magic skill +8 Enhances "Elemental Siphon" effect SMN Summoning Magic Skill 1~5
Blood Pact Damage 1~5
Blood Pact recast time II -1~3
Pet: Enmity 5~15
Cornflower Cape Ex-Icon.gif Cornflower Cape icon.png DEF:16 STR+5 INT+5 MND+5 Magic Accuracy+15 "Magic Atk. Bonus"+15 Blue magic skill +5 BLU MP 15~30
DEX 1~5
Accuracy 1~7
Blue Magic Skill 1~10
Gunslinger's Cape Ex-Icon.gif Gunslinger's Cape icon.png DEF:16 Ranged Accuracy+20 Magic Accuracy+10 "Magic Atk. Bonus"+10 "Recycle" COR Magic Attack Bonus 1~5
Enmity -1~5
Phantom Roll delay -1~5
Weaponskill Damage 1~5%
Dispersal Mantle Ex-Icon.gif Dispersal Mantle icon.png DEF:16 Accuracy+15 Attack+15 Evasion+10 "Subtle Blow"+4 Reduces "Overload" rate PUP STR 1~5Question
DEX 1~5
Martial Arts 10~20
Pet: TP Bonus 100~500
Toetapper Mantle Ex-Icon.gif Toetapper Mantle icon.png DEF:16 Accuracy+20 Evasion+10 "Subtle Blow"+10 "Waltz" potency +5% DNC Store TP 1~5
Dual Wield 1~5
Reverse Flourish 10~30
Weaponskill Damage 1~5%
Bookworm's Cape Ex-Icon.gif Bookworm's Cape icon.png DEF:13 "Magic Atk. Bonus"+10 Elemental magic skill +8 Dark magic skill +8 Magic Damage+10 SCH INT 1~5
MND 1~5
Helix Duration 10~20
Regen Potency 1~10
Lifestream Cape Ex-Icon.gif Lifestream Cape icon.png DEF:13 HP+50 MP+50 Enfeebling magic skill +10 Geomancy skill +5 Enhances "Fast Cast" Effect GEO Geomancy skill 1~10
Indi Duration 10~20
Damage Taken -1~5%
Pet: Damage Taken -1~5%
Evasionist's Cape Ex-Icon.gif Evasionist's Cape icon.png DEF:16 Accuracy+15 "Magic Atk. Bonus"+10 Evasion+15 Physical damage taken -3% RUN Double Attack 1~5
Enmity 1~7
Embolden 5~15
Damage Taken -1~5%

Ambuscade Capes

Ambuscade capes can be purchased and augmented by the Tarutaru Gorpa-Masorpa in Mhaura (G-9) in exchange for Hallmarks acquired in Ambuscade.

Augmenting Process

  • Trade the cape to Gorpa-Masorpa along with either an Abdhaljs Thread, Abdhaljs Dust, Abdhaljs Sap, or an Abdhaljs Dye.
  • Select the desired attribute.
    • Augments may be changed by repeating the above steps.
    • Changing the augment path will not return any items used up to that point.
      • However, when using an Abdhaljs Needles to change the augment, the current potency is maintained.
  • Further trading an augmented cape with items corresponding to the attribute initially selected will increase the strength of the augmentation.
    • For maximum strength augments the total needed of each item:
Abdhaljs Thread icon.png Abdhaljs Thread & Abdhaljs Dust icon.png Abdhaljs Dust: x20
Abdhaljs Sap icon.png Abdhaljs Sap & Abdhaljs Dye icon.png Abdhaljs Dye: x10
  • Each application will increase an augment by 1 parameter stage and must applied one item at a time.
  • Trading the corresponding item after the category cap has been reached will result in reseting the category back to the first level augment.
    • E.g. 20 accuracy would become 1 and you will have to start all over again.
  • Only 60 Abdhaljs Thread or Abdhaljs Dust, 30 Abdhaljs Sap, and 20 Abdhaljs Dye may be purchased each month.
  • Making only three capes capable of being fully augmented via Threads, Dust, and Sap each month. (Enough for two capes with those augment items bought with Hallmarks and one more with those bought via Gallantry.)
  • With only two capes capable of being fully augmented completely via the additional Dyes.

Capes and Augments

Name Icon Description Job
Cichol's Mantle Ex-Icon.gif Cichol's Mantle icon.png DEF:18 "Double Attack" damage +20 "Berserk" effect duration +15 WAR
Segomo's Mantle Ex-Icon.gif Segomo's Mantle icon.png DEF:16 "Kick Attacks"+10 "Kick Attacks" attack +25 MNK
Alaunus's Cape Ex-Icon.gif Alaunus's Cape icon.png DEF:15 "Afflatus Solace"+10 "Cursna"+25 WHM
Taranus's Cape Ex-Icon.gif Taranus's Cape icon.png DEF:15 Magic burst damage +5 "Mana Wall"+10% BLM
Sucellos's Cape Ex-Icon.gif Sucellos's Cape icon.png DEF:15 Enfeebling magic effect +10 Enhancing magic effect duration +20 RDM
Toutatis's Cape Ex-Icon.gif Toutatis's Cape icon.png DEF:16 "Sneak Attack"+10 "Triple Attack" damage +20 THF
Rudianos's Mantle Ex-Icon.gif Rudianos's Mantle icon.png DEF:20 Converts 5% of physical damage taken to MP Chance of successful block +3 PLD
Ankou's Mantle Ex-Icon.gif Ankou's Mantle icon.png DEF:18 "Last Resort" effect duration +15 "Absorb" effect duration +10 DRK
Artio's Mantle Ex-Icon.gif Artio's Mantle icon.png DEF:18 "Reward"+30 "Spur"+10 BST
Intarabus's Cape Ex-Icon.gif Intarabus's Cape icon.png DEF:15 "Madrigal"+1 "Prelude"+1 BRD
Belenus's Cape Ex-Icon.gif Belenus's Cape icon.png DEF:16 "Velocity Shot"+2% "Double Shot" damage +20 RNG
Smertrios's Mantle Ex-Icon.gif Smertrios's Mantle icon.png DEF:18 "Meditate" effect duration +8 "Skillchain Bonus" +3 SAM
Andartia's Mantle Ex-Icon.gif Andartia's Mantle icon.png DEF:16 "Utsusemi"+1 "Migawari"+5 NIN
Brigantia's Mantle Ex-Icon.gif Brigantia's Mantle icon.png DEF:18 Jump: "Double Attack"+20% Wyvern: "Breath" attacks +15 DRG
Campestres's Cape Ex-Icon.gif Campestres's Cape icon.png DEF:15 Avatar: Lv.+1 "Blood Pact" damage +5 SMN
Rosmerta's Cape Ex-Icon.gif Rosmerta's Cape icon.png DEF:16 Monster correlation effects +10 "Efflux" TP bonus +250 BLU
Camulus's Mantle Ex-Icon.gif Camulus's Mantle icon.png DEF:16 "Phantom Roll" effect duration +30 "Triple Shot"+5% COR
Visucius's Mantle Ex-Icon.gif Visucius's Mantle icon.png DEF:16 "Overload" rate -10 Automaton: Lv.+1 PUP
Senuna's Mantle Ex-Icon.gif Senuna's Mantle icon.png DEF:16 "Samba" effect duration +15 Critical hit damage +5% DNC
Lugh's Cape Ex-Icon.gif Lugh's Cape icon.png DEF:15 "Skillchain Bonus" +10 "Regen" effect duration +15 SCH
Nantosuelta's Cape Ex-Icon.gif Nantosuelta's Cape icon.png DEF:15 Indicolure effect duration +20 "Life Cycle"+10 GEO
Ogma's cape Ex-Icon.gif Ogma's cape icon.png DEF:18 "Inquartata"+3 "Vallation" and "Valiance" effect duration +15 RUN
Augment Item Parameter Potency per Application Maximum Potency
Abdhaljs Thread
Abdhaljs Thread icon.png
HP +3 +60
MP +3 +60
STR +1 +20
DEX +1 +20
VIT +1 +20
AGI +1 +20
INT +1 +20
MND +1 +20
CHR +1 +20
Pet: Accuracy
Pet: Ranged Accuracy
Pet: Attack
Pet: Ranged Attack
+1 +20
Pet: Magic Accuracy
Pet: Magic Damage
+1 +20
Augment Item Parameter Potency per Application Maximum Potency
Abdhaljs Dye
Abdhaljs Dye icon.png
HP +2 +20
MP +2 +20
STR +1 +10
DEX +1 +10
VIT +1 +10
AGI +1 +10
INT +1 +10
MND +1 +10
CHR +1 +10
Accuracy +1 +10
Attack +1 +10
Ranged Accuracy +1 +10
Ranged Attack +1 +10
Magic Accuracy +1 +10
Magic Damage +1 +10
Evasion +1 +10
Magic Evasion +1 +10
Pet: Accuracy
Pet: Ranged Accuracy
+1 +10
Pet: Attack
Pet: Ranged Attack
+1 +10
Pet: Magic Accuracy +1 +10
Pet: Magic Damage +1 +10
Augment Item Parameter Potency per Application Maximum Potency
Abdhaljs Dust
Abdhaljs Dust icon.png
+1 +20
Ranged Accuracy
Ranged Attack
+1 +20
Magic Accuracy
Magic Damage
+1 +20
Magic Evasion
+1 +20
Augment Item Parameter Potency per Application Maximum Potency
Abdhaljs Sap
Abdhaljs Sap icon.png
Weaponskill Damage +1% +10%
Critical Hit Rate +1% +10%
“Store TP” +1 +10
“Double Attack” +1% +10%
Haste +1% +10%
“Dual Wield” +1 +10
Enmity +1 +10
Enmity -1 -10
“Snapshot” +1% +10%
“Magic Atk. Bonus” +1 +10
“Fast Cast” +1% +10%
“Cure” potency +1% +10%
“Waltz” potency +1% +10%
Pet: Regen +1 +10
Pet: Haste +1% +10%

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