Ancient Melody: A

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Ancient Melody: A

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Type Description
Temporary Key Items A brief stanza of melody said to be older than time itself. It is largely worthless on its own.
Obtained from...
Name Zone Notes
Records of Eminence Aht Urghan Whitegate Complete the objective Say Cheese!
Used for...
Type of Event Name
Mounts Omega Mount, see below


  • Equip the trapper and plates in your ammo and ranged slots and head off to Abyssea - Tahrongi.
  • Proceed to (E-9) via conflux #03 and weaken a Naul until it has almost been defeated.
  • Face the Naul directly and use the Soultrapper like you would any other item to take a picture.
  • Assuming you did this correctly, trade the plate to Sanraku to complete Say Cheese.

Omega Mount

Obtain the Ancient Melody: O, M, E, G, and A.

  • If Jackal does not state that the apparatus in Fei'Yin is active then you must then receive Doctor Status from any Strange Apparatus and return to Jackal.
  • Trade your Chip and Core to the appartus to receive the Omega whistle Key Item and your new mount.

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