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Antagonistic Ambuscade

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BCNM Information
Location: Boneyard Gully
Entry Item: Zelos Orb Level Restriction: Uncapped
Time Limit: 15 Minutes Participation: 6

Enemy Table

level Name Qty Type Behavior
Lv.?? Antiphus x1 Antlion Underground
Lv.?? Antiphus's Spawn x4 Antlion Underground, respawns

HKCNM Strategy

  • All monsters start out underground.
  • The four Antiphus's Spawn must be defeated before Antiphus will take much damage, but they respawn after a certain amount of time (~1~2 minutes after all four are dead)
  • Best bet is to have an evasive job agro the underground monsters and have everyone kill them until Antiphus spawns, then supertank him until you have killed all four spawns.
  • When all four Antiphus's Spawn are dead, zerg Antiphus and do as much damage as possible.
    • Repeat until he dies.
  • Antiphus will use Gravitic Horn and Quake Blast frequently below 25%, which makes it difficult to damage him due to TP loss.
  • Antiphus will use Draw-in
  • Sacrosanctity is amazingly useful in the last 25% as it reduces Gravitic Horn to a non-issue

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