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Aoidos' Attire Set +2

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Aoidos' Attire Set +2

Aoidos' Attire Set +2
(Bard only)
Level 85
Aoidos' Calot +2
DEF:33 CHR+8
Song spellcasting time -12%
Enmity-7 "Madrigal"+1
Level 89
Aoidos' Hongreline +2
DEF:51 CHR+10 Singing skill +10
Wind instrument skill +10
Increases song effect duration
Level 87
Aoidos' Manchettes +2
DEF:24 CHR+12 Magic Accuracy+8
Singing skill +8
String instrument skill +8
Wind instrument skill +8 "March"+1
Level 83
Aoidos' Rhingrave +2
DEF:42 Magic Accuracy+7
Singing skill +10
Song recast delay -6 "Ballad"+1
Level 81
Aoidos' Cothurnes +2
DEF:18 CHR+11 Movement speed +12%
Adds "Regen" effect "Scherzo"+1
Set: “Augments songs”


  • The Augments songs effect causes your songs to give a status boost based off of the element of the song (Wind = AGI, Fire = STR, etc.). The number of +2 items increases the status boost.
    • 1 Piece : No Bonus
    • 2 Pieces : +1 Stat
    • 3 Pieces : +2 Stat
    • 4 Pieces : +3 Stat
    • 5 Pieces : +5 Stat

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