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North East Apollyon

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Obtained From...
 Accessed From:  Mea Crag/Al'Taieu
 Required to Access:  Black Card and Cosmo-Cleanse
 Reward for Win:  Smoky Chip
Limbus Zone Overview
  • Each Floor except last has 3 Time Chests (5 minutes each), 1 Restore Chest and 1 Items Chest.
  • Time Chests and Restore Chests are always up.
  • Item Chest drops after a certain mob is defeated.
  • All chests can be opened.
  • Vortex opens after a certain mob is defeated.

Artifact Upgrade Information

AF Upgrade Materials: Apollyon
MNK - Ancient Brass WAR - Argyro Rivet SMN - Astral Leather WHM - Benedict Yarn DRK - Black Rivet
DRG - Blue Rivet BRD - Brown Doeskin COR - Canvas Toile RDM - Cardinal Cloth RNG - Charcoal Cotton
PUP - Corduroy Cloth BLM - Diabolic Yarn NIN - Ebony Lacquer SCH - Electrum Stud BST - Fetid Lanolin
BLU - Flameshun Cloth DNC - Gold Stud SAM - Kurogane THF - Light Filament PLD - White Rivet

Floor-by-Floor Information

Floor Map: 1st Floor
Apollyon NE 1st Floor Map
Floor Information: 1st Floor
Boss: Goobbue Harvester
Other Enemies: Barometz x6 Borametz x6
Points of Interest:
  • One of the Barometz and one of the Borametz will be larger than the other five.
  • Among the large Barometz, large Borametz, and Goobbue Harvester, one will open the vortex, one will spawn the items chest and one will do nothing.

Floor Map: 2nd Floor
Apollyon NE 2nd Floor Map
Floor Information: 2nd Floor
Boss: Thiazi x2, Bialozar x2
Other Enemies: Cornu x4 Siren x4
Points of Interest:

Floor Map: 3rd Floor
Apollyon NE 3rd Floor Map
Floor Information: 3rd Floor
Boss: Apollyon Sweeper x1, 2, or 3
Other Enemies: Apollyon Cleaner x4, 8, or 12
Points of Interest:

Floor Map: 4th Floor
Apollyon NE 4th Floor Map
Floor Information: 4th Floor
Boss: Hyperion, Okeanos, Cronos
Other Enemies: Kerkopes x8
Points of Interest:
  • Kerkopes use Claw Storm, a very powerful AoE.
  • Among the Kerkopes, one of the larger ones will spawn the items chest upon defeat.
  • Hyperion is immune to magic. Okeanos is immune to ranged attacks. Cronos is immune to melee damage. One of the three will open the vortex upon defeat.

Floor Map: 5th Floor
Apollyon NE 5th Floor Map
Floor Information: 5th Floor
Boss: Criosphinx, Hieracosphinx
Other Enemies: Troglodyte Dhalmel x8
Points of Interest:

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