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April 2009 Version Update Notes

From BG FFXI Wiki
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The Version Update Is Here! (04/09/2009)


The long-awaited April version update, featuring the first add-on scenario, "A Crystalline Prophecy," is finally in town! Bringing with it a slew of new content and refinements including Wings of the Goddess nation quests, the expansion of the Fields of Valor and Treasure Casket systems, a major upgrade to Moblin Maze Mongers, adjustments to jobs, the introduction of augmented items, and much more, this version update is sure to be a favorite with the crowds!

Peruse the seemingly endless list of improvements here.

Version Update Appetizers! (04/08/2009)


The fast-approaching April version update is set to be a veritable banquet of adjustments and additions catering to all adventurer palates, with the dishes on offer ranging from succulent morsels of Salvage to delightful bite-sized treats such as the new "/bell" text command.

Proceed here for the appetite-whetting details!

Delve Even Deeper with the Moblin Maze Mongers! (Part 2) (04/06/2009)


As previously introduced, the Moblin Maze Mongers will be unveiling a wide range of additions and refinements to their line of custom-order mazes in the upcoming version update. What manner of subterranean adventures do Goldagrik and the gang have in store for you this time?

Read on to find out!

Delve Even Deeper with Expanded Services from the Moblin Maze Mongers! (Part I) (04/01/2009)


Their business booming thanks to the loyal patronage of adventurers across Vana'diel, the ever profit-minded Moblins of the Moblin Maze Mongers (MMM) have a few more tricks up their sleeve! To reward their loyal customers—and hopefully entice a few new ones in the process—MMM will be unveiling a host of new services and refinements to their line of custom-order dungeons in the upcoming version update.

Read on for the first look!

Job Adjustments and Additions Part II (03/30/2009)


In this second half of the announcement on job adjustments and additions planned for the April version update, we present to you a delectable array of changes that are bound to change the way you buff and summon!

Feast your eyes on the details here.

"A Crystalline Prophecy" Promotional Video Goes Live! (03/27/2009)


The official promotional video for "A Crystalline Prophecy – Ode of Life Bestowing", the new add-on scenario currently on track for a Wednesday, April 8th release, is now available for viewing on the official site!

Feast your eyes on the trailer here!

Job Adjustments and Additions Part I (03/26/2009)


The upcoming April version update will boast a wealth of adjustments and additions to a selection of jobs. Today, it is our pleasure to outline the benefits that this will bestow upon white mages—the altruists of Vana'diel.

Drool over the details here!

"A Crystalline Prophecy" Advance Orders Begin and Item Details Announced! (03/23/2009)


The first installment of three new add-on scenarios—"A Crystalline Prophecy – Ode of Life Bestowing"—is now available for advance purchase through PlayOnline! Access the order page from the "A Crystalline Prophecy" banner located on the main FINAL FANTASY XI page to purchase your registration code.

(*Players purchasing the scenario will receive access to the in-game content upon the release of the upcoming FINAL FANTASY XI version update scheduled for early April.)
(*As with all forms of expanded content, the purchase of a single registration code for a given account will allow you to enjoy the add-on scenario with all characters created on that account.)

To commemorate the occasion, the official "A Crystalline Prophecy" site has been updated with the latest on the customizable equipment that awaits you as a reward for completing the scenario!

Head on over for all the details!

The Story Continues with All-new Nation Quests! (03/19/2009)


The trials and tragedies of each of the three nations are set to be further revealed in the fast-approaching April version update. With the dark shadow of the decisive battle between the warring factions looming ominously overhead, adventurers will delve deeper into the mysteries and intrigues of the Crystal War in the continuing episodes of nation quests in Wings of the Goddess!

Read the appetite-whetting previews here.

Get More Malmage from Your Equipment with Augmented Items! (03/17/2009)


The upcoming version update will usher in the "Augments" system, a new feature that will shatter your preconceptions about equipment and breathe new life into some of your most treasured pieces of armor.

Read on for the exciting details!

"A Crystalline Prophecy" Site Updated and Advance Order Date Announced! (03/16/2009)


The first installment of three new add-on scenarios, entitled "A Crystalline Prophecy – Ode of Life Bestowing" will be available for advance purchase through PlayOnline starting from March 23, 2009. (*Players purchasing the scenario will receive access to the in-game content upon the release of the next FINAL FANTASY XI version update, scheduled for early April.)

In honor of this occasion, the official site for "A Crystalline Prophecy" has been updated with the latest news. Head on over to read all the exciting details! You also won't want to miss the new promotional trailer, scheduled for release in the coming days, so keep watching this space!

Click here to access the official site.

New Notorious Monsters to Take Campaign by Storm! (03/09/2009)


In the upcoming April version update, fearsome Notorious Monsters will take to the field in areas of past Vana'diel currently under the control of the Allied Forces.

Read on for the tantalizing details.

Let There Be More Fields of Valor and Treasure Caskets! (03/06/2009)


The April version update will see coverage of the Fields of Valor and Treasure Casket systems extended to include areas introduced in the Rise of the Zilart expansion. Fields of Valor, in particular, is set to undergo a major upgrade that will further enhance its appeal to a broad range of adventurer palates.

Gorge yourself on the details here.

Supersize Your Gobbiebag With All-New Quests! (03/02/2009)


What adventurer hasn't long wished for a roomier receptacle to store the scores of sublime spoils snagged in the course of their abounding adventures across Vana'diel? Take heart, you Greedaloxes—your wait is over! Don't think you'll be able to procure this prodigious pouch free of charge, though, as the Goblin Bluffnix has devised a devious new assignment to test your mettle. What does the tightfisted taskmaster want from you this time? You'll just have to see for yourself in the upcoming version update!

Version Update Notice (02/27/2009)


It is our pleasure to announce that the next FINAL FANTASY XI version update has been scheduled for early April. Development is currently in progress for a whole host of items, including the following:
- Thrilling new episodes of nation quests for Wings of the Goddess.
- Battle-related adjustments and additions.
- Large-scale expansion of the Moblin Maze Mongers and Fields of Valor systems.

Details will appear right here on Topics as they become available, so stay tuned!

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