Arcana Killer

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Job Trait Information
Description Gives you an edge when fighting arcana.
Type Level
Tier Level Obtained Value
I DRK25 8%
II DRK86 10%



Equipment Modifying Ability...
Equipment Piece Modifier
Undead Earring Arcana Killer +3%
Arcana Earring Arcana Killer -3%
Tatami Shield Killer effects +2%
Diana Corona Arcana Killer +5%
Nyx Gorget Arcana Killer +3%
Messhikimaru Arcana Killer +Question%
Flawless Ribbon Killer effects +1%
Killer Shortbow Killer effects +2%
Kaidate Killer effects +2%
Jack-o'-Lantern Arcana Killer +5%
Naval Rice Ball Arcana Killer +Question% per piece of Riceball Enhancing gearVerification Needed
Atma of the Hybrid Beast Arcana Killer +10%


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