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Arch Angra Mainyu

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General Notes
  • Changes form during the fight through a "summoning" animation.
    • Ahriman -> Statue -> Ahriman -> Dragon -> Ahriman (100%HP Restored every transformation)
    • The last form (Ahriman) will immediately Chainspell upon spawning.
  • Stun recommended in general, and Chainspell Stun for the start of the final form.
  • Has access to Blizzaja, Thundaja and Death, along with other spells.
  • All forms have access to their normal TP moves and 2-hour abilities.
    • Thornsong gives very potent spikes. You will need to turn.
    • Reapply Shell quickly after Voidsong.
  • Kitable indefinitely due to casting nature, should you need to recover from a wipe.


Strategy notes (Khiinroye and Alarial, BG)

Arch Angra Mainyu
Type Demons
Family Ahriman
Class NM
Crystal Dark Crystal icon.png Dark Crystal
Detects True Sound


Listings by Zone
Zone Rewards Abilities Spells
  Dynamis - Beaucedine
     Trade Fiendish Tome: Chapter 21, Fiendish Tome: Chapter 22, Fiendish Tome: Chapter 23, Fiendish Tome: Chapter 24, and Fiendish Tome: Chapter 25 to ??? at (J-5).
Level A L Spawns DB HP MP DEF EVA Susceptible Resists
    1 FFXIDB Icon v3.png Question Question     Question Question
Assisted By Title Absorbs Immune

Ability Informaton

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