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Ares' Armor Set +1

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Were you looking for Ares' Armor Set or Ker's Armor Set?

Hume (M) in full Ares' Armor +1.
Mithra in full Ares's Armor +1.
Ares' Armor Set +1
Head Ares' Mask +1
DEF:51 HP+4% MP+4% Accuracy+15
Attack+40 Haste+6%
Body Ares' Cuirass +1
DEF:81 HP+5% MP+5% STR+16 VIT+16
Hands Ares' Gauntlets +1
DEF:35 HP+3% MP+3% STR+9 VIT+9
Accuracy+8 Attack+8 Haste+4%
Legs Ares' Flanchard +1
DEF:53 HP+4% MP+4% STR+8 DEX+8
"Triple Attack"+2% Haste+6%
Feet Ares' Sollerets +1
DEF:33 HP+3% MP+3% VIT+8 AGI+8
Accuracy+11 Attack+17
Set: "Double Attack"+3~9%


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