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Argute Attire Set +2

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Argute Attire Set +2

Argute Attire Set +2
(Scholar only)
Level 90
Argute Mortarboard +2
DEF:21 HP+17 MP+17 INT+7 MND+7
Elemental magic skill +9
Grimoire: Reduces spellcasting time
Augment-Icon.png: "Enhances 'Altruism' and 'Focalization'"
Argute Gown +2
DEF:49 HP+24 MP+24
Healing magic skill +9
Enhancing magic skill +9
"Magic Def. Bonus"+8
Enhances "Sublimation" effect
Augment-Icon.png: "Enhances 'Enlightenment' effect"
Argute Bracers +2
DEF:18 MP+28 INT+6 MND+6
Healing magic skill +9
Enfeebling magic skill +9
Augment-Icon.png: "Enhances 'Tranquility' and 'Equanimity'"
Argute Pants +2
DEF:35 HP+24 MP+24 INT+8
Elemental magic skill +9
Dark magic skill +9 Enmity-5
Augment-Icon.png: "Enhances 'Tabula Rasa' effect"
Argute Loafers +2
DEF:17 MP+35 Healing magic skill +12
Enhances "Fast Cast" effect
Weather: Enhances "Celerity"
and "Alacrity" effect
Augment-Icon.png: "Enhances 'Stormsurge' effect"

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