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Ark Angel EV II Battle Strategies

From BG FFXI Wiki
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While it is possible to do a melee strategy, the risk of failure is higher, especially on Very Difficult. The strategy with a 99% chance of success is as follows:

PLD goes in after casting Phalanx, Reprisal, Crusade, Enlight, and Cocoon. Flashes the EV and uses Sentinel.

  • PLD spams Flash, Blank Gaze, and Jettatura on EV. Be sure to maintain self buffs.
  • RDM does Dia III on EV, Flurry II on RNGs and COR, Refresh II on PLD (and Haste if BRD does not have 99 Daurdabla). Expect to be curing the PLD more below 30% EV HP.
  • BRD try to land Carnage Elegy and Foe Requiem VII on EV. Expect to be curing the PLD more below 30% EV HP.
  • Both the RDM and BRD should be curing the PLD, but really the PLD should be taking very little damage and able to cure himself.
  • RNGs use Decoy Shot and stay at least 15 yalms away at all times.
  • COR needs to be very careful with hate, especially at the beginning. Recommend COR not damage EV until a couple WSs from the RNG.
  • PLD should only do the WS Atonement. If max damage is not achieved, notify rest of party so they can back off on damage (usually COR is the culprit of pulling hate).
  • PLD should use Rampart at 30% EV HP due to EV skillchaining Light.
  • RNGs should use Overkill once EV's Invincible has completed and Decoy Shot is re-used.

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