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Ark Angel TT II Battle Strategies

From BG FFXI Wiki
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While it is possible to do a melee strategy, the risk of failure is higher, especially on Very Difficult. The strategy with a 99% chance of success is as follows:

TT warps around the center ring and so there is no point in using a tank.

  • Party setup is 3x RNG/NIN, 1x RDM/WHM, 1x COR/NIN, 1x BRD/WHM.
  • Since there is no tank, RNGs can use their most damaging weapon and weapon skill.

NOTE: set a Shadowbind order before starting.

  • BRD does Nightingale/Troubadour Soul Voice Archer's Prelude, Hunter's Prelude, Minuets 5, 4, and Scherzo on the RNGs and COR on the stairs where you can see TT.
  • BRD does Nightingale/Troubadour Soul Voice Victory March (March x2 if have 99 daurdabla), Ballad x2, Scherzo on RDM and himself.
  • COR should do Hunter's Roll and Courser's Roll.
  • RNG and COR should use Riverfin Soup, Kohlrouladen, Pot-au-feu, or sushi.

RNGs and COR go in after putting up utsusemi; spread out. Amon Drive can take two shadows. If it gets through your shadows it will petrify, paralyze, and possibly kill you.

  • RDM and BRD should stay in DT gear just in case they get hit with Amon Drive. RDM and BRD should stay away from eachother so one can stona/paralyna the other.
  • RDM does Dia3 on TT, Flurry2 on RNGs and COR. Saboteur Addle the TT if possible.
  • BRD try to land Carnage Elegy and Foe Requiem7 on TT. If RDM cannot land Addle, then try Pining Nocturne.
  • RNGs do not need to use Decoy Shot. Keep shadows up at all times.
  • COR does not need to worry about getting hate. Keep shadows up at all times.
  • RNGs should use Overkill right from the start.
  • TT's first 2hr is always Blood Weapon. TT is restricted to the center ring for 95% of the battle EXCEPT when it has Blood Weapon in use. At this time ALL DAMAGE STOPS. 1st RNG in Shadowbind order executes and everyone runs up the stairs. If Shadowbind wears off before Blood Weapon then 2nd RNG executes. Once Blood Weapon completes, TT will go back to the center ring.

WARNING: at this time EVERYONE needs to use either Elshimo Pachira Fruit or Poison Pots and keep the effect up.

  • TT's next 2hr is Manafont. He will first cast sleepga (good thing you put poison on yourself!), then follow it up with Meteor over and over again. He stays in the center ring. Don't worry about shadows during Manafont time, he will only be casting. Everyone run up to the top of the stairs and wait for one minute to have elapsed so Manafont will be complete and he no longer is able to cast Meteor.
  • Put shadows back up and kill.

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