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Category:Assault Point Weapon

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These weapons are available from Assault Mission NPCs in exchange for 15,000 Assault Points from the proper zone.

Zone Weapon Weapon Weapon
Leujaoam Sanctum Yigit Bulawa Imperial Bhuj Pahluwan Patas
Mamool Ja Training Grounds Storm Tulwar Imperial Neza Storm Tabar
Lebros Cavern Imperial Pole Doombringer Sayosamonji
Periqia Khanjar Hotarumaru Imperial Gun
Ilrusi Atoll Imperial Kaman Storm Zaghnal Storm Fife

"Depending on day: Increases elemental weapon skill damage"

Except for Storm Fife, all of the above weapons have this description. This has been shown to give +0.05 fTP (12/256) to Weapon Skills whose Skillchain elements matched the dayVerification Needed, similar to Elemental Gorgets. Though the description is ambiguous, this effect works is regardless of whether the weaponskill is physical or magical.

These weapons do not work in the off-hand (sub slot). If they are worn in the Ranged slot, they only affect Ranged Weapon skills.

Day Level 1 Skillchain Property Level 2 Skillchain Property
Firesday Liquefaction Fusion
Earthsday Scission Gravitation
Watersday Reverberation Distortion
Windsday Detonation Fragmentation
Iceday Induration Distortion
Lightningday Impaction Fragmentation
Lightsday Transfixion Fusion
Darksday Compression Gravitation
Level 3 skillchain properties are currently untested and cannot be tested.

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