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Assault Rank, also known as Mercenary Rank is the Treasures of Aht Urhgan version of Nations Ranking for mission accomplishments. Gaining Ranks in assault offers several benefits including larger selection of items from Gate Guards using Imperial Standing Points and longer Sanction effect. The following section details the different Ranks available and the quests necessary to gain them.

Moving Up In Rank

All players initially enlist as Private Second Class. After participating in assault missions and accumulating at least 25 rank-up points, either Abquhbah or Naja Salaheem will initiate a quest which will allow a player to attain a new rank. Rank-up points can be checked by talking to Abquhbah and clicking the Mercenary Assessments option.

After ranking up, any excess rank-up points beyond 25 are lost, and the player must accumulate another 25 rank-up points to gain another promotion.

Rank Quest Start NPC
PFC (Private First Class) Promotion: Private First Class Naja Salaheem
SP (Superior Private) Promotion: Superior Private Naja Salaheem
LC (Lance Corporal) Promotion: Lance Corporal Abquhbah
C (Corporal) Promotion: Corporal Naja Salaheem
S (Sergeant) Promotion: Sergeant Naja Salaheem
SM (Sergeant Major) Promotion: Sergeant Major Naja Salaheem
CS (Chief Sergeant) Promotion: Chief Sergeant Abquhbah
SL (Second Lieutenant) Promotion: Second Lieutenant Naja Salaheem
FL (First Lieutenant) Promotion: First Lieutenant Naja Salaheem
Captain (Captain) Promotion: Captain Abquhbah

Ranking up to Captain

Unlike the other ranks, the Captain Promotion does not rely upon rank-up points. Instead, this quest is offered once a mercenary has successfully completed all 50 main assaults.

  • There are also reports of a mission requirement to rank up. At least Aht Urhgan mission 35, and possibly as high as 48 (fully finished) is required to rank up.Verification Needed

Having the Captain rank confers certain benefits:

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