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Assistant Expedition 3 (Batallia)

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Assistant Expedition #3 (Batallia)
 Entry Zone: Batallia Downs: Wotark, (J-8)
 Assistant Expeditions: #1 · #2 · #3 · #4 · #5
 Area Map: Ruhotz Silvermines, Map # 3, 12, 13, 16
 Course: Assistant
 Objective: Gather and deliver Fulgent Ore.
 Expedition Goals: 1:  Acquire pieces of Fulgent Ore and bring 3 to Kobcha.
2:  Acquire pieces of Fulgent Ore and bring 6 to Kobcha.
3:  Without being caught, acquire pieces of Fulgent Ore and bring 9 to Kobcha.
 Time Limit:  15 minutes
 Research Marks:

Goal 1:

  • 3 members: 900
  • 4 members: 1080
  • 5 members: 1260
  • 6 members: 1440

Goal 2:

  • 3 members: 2000
  • 4 members: 2400
  • 5 members: 2800
  • 6 members: 3200

Goal 3:

  • 3 members: 3300
  • 4 members: 3960
  • 5 members: 4620
  • 6 members: 5280
 Buff Rewarded:  Increased STR/VIT
  • ★☆☆: STR/VIT+10
  • ★★☆: STR/VIT+30
  • ★★★: STR/VIT+60


Name Level Aggro Link Spawns
Craggy Marolith 99 True Sound / Magic Yes 13


Meeb ast3bat.jpg
  • This expedition takes place across a large section of Ruhotz Silvermines encompassing four maps.
  • Speak to the meeble Kobcha near the start of the expedition to obtain a temporary item Pickaxe. ONLY Kobcha's pickaxe will work. Normal pickaxes will not.
  • There are three Mining Points located throughout the area among ten possible locations and each mining point contains one Fulgent Ore. Continue to click the Mining Point with a the temporary Pickaxe in possession until the Fulgent Ore is obtained (the Mining Point will then disappear and respawn elsewhere).
    • There is a small chance the Pickaxe will break on each click, in which case you will need to return to Kobcha to obtain a new one.
  • After obtaining a Fulgent Ore, you must return it to Kobcha before you can obtain another.
  • 13 Craggy Maroliths are present throughout the area as rock piles. Only a small number of these are actually aggressive, but in order to complete goal 3, none may be aggroed.
    • Because of the large area layout, randomly located Mining Points, and the requirement to avoid enemies, goal 3 may be extremely difficult to complete. Having six party members with movement speed buffs and items will significantly increase the chance of completing goal 3.


  • This expedition encompasses several maps of Ruhotz Silvermines; reference the composite guide map above.

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