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Associate Researcher Expedition 4 (Sauromugue)

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Associate Researcher Expedition #4 (Sauromugue)
 Entry Zone: Sauromugue Champaign: Vrednev, (J-7)
 Associate Researcher Expeditions: #1 · #2 · #3 · #4 · #5
 Area Map: Ruhotz Silvermines, Map # 13
 Course: Associate Researcher
 Objective: Open the treasure chests.
 Expedition Goals: 1:  Open 10 treasure chests.
2:  Open 20 treasure chests.
3:  Open all treasure chests.
 Time Limit:  15 minutes
 Research Marks:

Goal 1: For this expedition, research marks are calculated depending on the number of chests successfully opened with combinations. Each small Capacious Coffer adds 150 and each large Capacious Coffer adds 400 to the personal total. The total is multiplied by a bonus depending on the number of party members (3: 1.0x, 4: 1.2x, 5: 1.4x, 6: 1.6x) and rewarded to each participant upon successfully exiting the expedition after completing one or more goals.

Goal 2: Same as goal 1.

Goal 3: Same as goal 1.

 Buff Rewarded:  Enhanced Treasure Hunter ability


Level Name Aggro Link Drops Steal Spawns
97 Sombre Mimic N/A N/A None Up to 25
107 Lacquered Mimic N/A N/A None Up to 3


Meeb asc4.jpg
  • Upon entry, you will be confronted with a huge cluster of chests - 20 small Capacious Coffers and 3 large Capacious Coffers. There are five more Capacious Coffers at the ends of tunnels around the room, for a total of 28 chests.
  • Each chest must be opened with a combination. Like gold crates in Abyssea, after each unsuccessful guess, you will be informed whether the correct number is higher or lower, and you will receive an additional hint further reducing the number of possibilities.
    • Small coffers allow three or four guesses to open.
    • Large coffers allow three guesses to open.
    • If you fail, the chest will still be opened, and count towards the goal, but it will transform into a Sombre Mimic (small) or Lacquered Mimic (large) which will likely need to be defeated to continue since most of the chests are very closely clustered together.
      • Note: These mimics are unique; they have unique TP moves (Guilded Torpor: Long range AoE sleep, Scurvy: AoE plague, Double Whammy, and Calamitous Collapse), and cast various AoE debuffs, tier III -ga magic, and Death.
  • Any party member successfully opening a chest with the correct combination will add research marks to a personal total for the expedition (150 for small coffers, 400 for large coffers). The total (multiplied by a bonus depending on the number of participants) will be rewarded to all members if a goal is completed successfully.
  • Opening a chest as a mimic does not add research marks to the cumulative total, even if the mimic is defeated.


Assault Map

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