Atma of the Savior

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Atma of the Savior

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Type Description
Temporary Key Items Fabricated from cruor and the distilled memories of your adventures, this crystalline mass pulsates with energy.

Obtained From...
NPC Zone Cost
Atma Fabricant Abyssea - Uleguerand 2,000 Cruor
Abyssea - Grauberg
Abyssea - Altepa
100% completion of all Abyssea zones (Quests, Atma, and Abyssites)
Atma Properties
Effect Name Potency Value
All Stats Boost Superior 30
Status Ailment Resist Superior Question
Occasionaly absorbs damage taken 10%


  • Progress towards each zone's completion can be tracked at an NPC located within the entrance camp at each zone. The NPC will display the number of quests, abyssites, and atmas that player has obtained from the zone, as well as the total available in that zone. After completion of each zone (including revisiting this NPC to receive the cruor rewards associated with zone completion), the player will be rewarded with a unique title, culminating with "Savior of Abyssea" after completing all nine zones:
    • 1 Zone Completed: Visitor of Abyssea
    • 2 Zones Completed: Friend of Abyssea
    • 3 Zones Completed: Warrior of Abyssea
    • 4 Zones Completed: Stormer of Abyssea
    • 5 Zones Completed: Devastator of Abyssea
    • 6 Zones Completed: Hero of Abyssea
    • 7 Zones Completed: Champion of Abyssea
    • 8 Zones Completed: Conqueror of Abyssea
    • All Zones Completed: Savior of Abyssea
  • After obtaining the title "Savior of Abyssea" the atma can be fabricated by a Heroes area Atma Fabricant.
  • Resistance Ops, Dominion Ops, Martello quests, and any other quests not tracked by the NPC at the entrance camp DO NOT count towards zone completion or obtaining Atma of the Savior.
  • Only "natural atmas" directly obtained from defeating Abyssean enemies count toward completion targets (synthetic atmas do not count).


Potentially Secondary Savior Testing (Byrth, BG)

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