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Attack Down causes the host to act with reduced attack. The severity of the penalty can vary depending on the source of the status.

How to inflict Attack Down

Name Type Notes
Indi/Geo-Wilt Geomancy Varies. See Geomancy page for potency. Considered as a separate infliction.
Corrosive Ooze Blue Magic -5% Attack. Also inflicts Defense Down
Saurian Slide Blue Magic -25% Attack
Scouring Spate Blue Magic -20% Attack. AoE
Terror Touch Blue Magic -15% Attack.
Weapon Break Weapon Skill -25% Attack. Great Axe
Full Break Weapon Skill -12.5% Attack. Also inflicts Defense Down, Accuracy Down Evasion Down. Great Axe
Infernal Scythe Weapon Skill -25% Attack. Scythe
Gates of Tartarus Weapon Skill -25% Attack.Question Staff

Monster Abilities which inflict Attack Down

Ability Family
Acid Mist Leech
Ability Family
Fear Touch Ghost

How to remove Attack Down



  • None


Resistance Information

  • None

Additional Notes

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