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A signature is used to sign and link a comment that you have made on a page to a combination of your User page, User talk page, and/or your wiki contributions, followed by the time and date that your comment was submitted. This process is useful to readily recognize exactly when and who made comments on the page.

Normal Signatures

A normal signature is automatically added in place of four tildes ~~~~ inside of a wiki edit. The nickname you specify in your preferences denotes the actual name used when signing an article. Note that when this is set (non-raw signature is applied), then neither wiki-code nor HTML code is interpreted: the server passes the wiki-code on unchanged, while it converts the HTML in such a way that the browser effectively does not interpret it; for example, < is replaced by &lt; rendered as <.

As an alternative to signing with four tildes, three tildes ~~~ will add your signature without the date and time, while five tildes ~~~~~ will add the date and time without your signature. These two afore mentioned methods are highly unrecommended to sign an article.

Custom Signatures

Within BGWiki, you may choose to create a custom signature to display as a normal template instead of the standard linked username.

  1. Start editing a page, User:YOURNAME/Sig and only type into it: {{User:YOURNAME/SigT}}, and save.
  2. Click the broken link of User:YOURNAME/SigT and insert your signature code into that page. At the end of your code, add [[category:User Signatures|YOURNAME]].
  3. From your "User Profile" of your User Preferences, goto the "Nickname" edit box and add {{subst:User:YOURNAME/Sig}}.
  4. Tick the checkbox next to "Raw signatures".
  5. All done! Now just use the standard signing procedure ~~~~ to add a signature to your comments.

If you would like to see an example of a signature code, you may view Goddess' Signature source. ~ Goddess ~ TalkContrib

Minor tips/guidelines to follow:

  • Your entire code falls in one line (separate lines will cause ugly and large signatures.)
  • Try to keep keep the code simple for our dial-up members and nonstandard browsers. :)
  • Make sure you use the "Show preview" button often before finalizing your signature template and you are satisfied.
  • If you are unfamiliar with HTML, please consult the web on elegant use of the <span> tag.

Unsigned Comments

As part of common courtesy, if you come across a comment that has not been signed, and you can trace the author via. page history, then please add the {{unsigned}} template to the end their comment. The template uses one argument, which is the name of that person. {{unsigned|Example}} The preceding unsigned comment was added by Example (talk • contribs) .

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