Back to the Beginning

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Back to the Beginning
Series Wings of the Goddess
Starting NPC N/A
Title Cait Sith's Assistant
Repeatable No
Description Hideous statues. Monstrous beasts. The otherworld that lies in between. Could this war-torn land you have been thrust to truly be the outskirts of Jeuno...?
Previous Mission Next Mission
Cavernous Maws Cait Sith


  • Joining San d'Oria Flag.jpg San d'Oria:
  • Zone in and follow the left wall (at any intersection) until reaching (H-7).
  • Make a right at this T-split in the path and then through the gated door.
  • Continue running straight ahead until reaching Randecque.
  • Joining Windurst-Flag.jpg Windurst:
  • Joining Bastok-Flag.jpg Bastok:

Delivering the Letter

  • You will have to take at least one these recommendation letters to a town by crossing through several Shadowreign areas.
  • Most of the maps in-game will appear the same as they do in the present and will not display any differences, such as new zone lines. The paths are as follows:
  • San d'Oria Flag.jpg San d'Oria:
  • Windurst-Flag.jpg Windurst:
  • Bastok-Flag.jpg Bastok:
  • They may be obtained from quests within the area of the three Allied fortresses and do not require any sort of fighting.
  • Once you reach one of the capitals, you will have to prove your worth to whatever faction you intend on joining.
  • Allegiance is not dependent on the present. The recommendation letter will be taken and an initial quest will have to be completed.
  • Once this is done, you will need to complete two more quests. The initial quest can be canceled and the recommendation letter returned.
  • Completing the initial quest will switch your allegiance. Unlike manually switching your allegiance, there is no penalty or cost and no restriction.
  • If you wanted to complete all three quest, simply do them in a fashion that places your permanent nation last.
  • The two follow-up quests from any nation can be done once any single initial quest has been completed and are optional.

Follow-Up Quests

San d'Oria Flag.jpg Knights of The Iron Ram

Windurst-Flag.jpg The Cobras

Bastok-Flag.jpg Republican Legion's Fourth Divison

  • Once a single questline has been completed, touch any of the three Cavernous Maws outside Jeuno in the past to get a cutscene for Cait Sith (Mission). You will receive the title "Cait Sith's Assistant" when it finishes.
    • Note: Present day maws surrounding Jeuno can also be used, provided you have unlocked them beforehand.
    • If you have not unlocked these maws, your only present-day option is the randomly-generated zone that you first landed into during the previous mission.

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